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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin Installs Tanning Bed in Governor's Mansion

And in our continuing series of "We Couldn't Make This Up," Huffington Post reports that one of Sarah Palin's earliest actions as Governor of Alaska was to install a tanning bed in the governor's residence in Juneau. From UsMagazine.com:

"She did. She paid for it with her own money," Roger Wetherell, chief communications officer of Alaska's Department of Transportation and Public Facilities told Us....

According to Wetherell, the tanning bed was purchased used, from a health club.

Tanning beds can cost up to $35,000 to install in a home - not including the cost of parts, Color Me Tan manager Erin Weise told the Narco News.

"I don't think it's normal for people to have a tanning bed in their house, " Wiese, who is based in Fairbanks said. "It's expensive."

...Palin declared May 2007, "Skin Cancer Awareness Month." In the press materials it was noted, "Skin cancer is caused, overwhelmingly, by over-exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun and from tanning beds ["Sarah Palin Installed Tanning Bed at Governor's Mansion," UsMagazine.com, 2008.09.15].

Yup. Just like the rest of us: cartin' the kids to hockey practice, freezin' moose meat, and spendin' several thousand dollars on vanity.

Update 11:27 CDT: And let's give credit where credit is due: Al Giordano and Bill Conroy at NarcoNews.com first reported on this story and offer an outstanding discussion of why Palin's tanning bed is "emblematic of a larger narrative about inauthenticity, insincerity and overblown claims of 'everyday people' street cred that have been floated by the McCain-Palin campaign about its newest member." Three big cheers for the alternative media!

Update 15:04 CDT: More cheers for alternative media: NarcoNews.com treats us to a description of how they heard about Sarah Tannin' from a commenter, checked out the facts first, then posted. Good work, fellas! Giordano even acknowledges the first-glance triviality of the story, but...

It's a small thing - sort of like that $400 haircut that chipped away at the credibility of a previous aspirant to national office - but from small matters sometimes come bigger truths [Al Giordano, "Palin's Tanning Bed: The Evolution of a Story," NarcoNews.com: The Field, 2008.09.15].

They also track down a source from the Anchorage Daily News from November 2007 claiming to have seen the work order for the tanning bed. According to that column, the governor's office said the bed was a gift for Palin's daughters.


  1. Cory, I think you're scraping the bottom of the barrel now. That said, I'll agree that the use of tanning beds does not exhibit good judgment.

  2. pennypincher9/16/2008 8:53 AM

    This is rediculous. She paid for the tanning bed with her own money. What does it matter?

    What really irritates me is that the peple that we elected to represent our states are running around the country trying to get another job on our dime. Are they answering emails? Visiting the cities in their own state trying to work for their people? Nope. They are trying to get a pay raise with income, health care, and secret service for life.

  3. Good Grief Comrade:

    We've got the most serious financial crisis in a generation, one of the US's biggest cities devastated by a hurricane, genocide in Africa, nuclear proliferation and you're worried if Palin spent her own money for a tanning bed.

    Give me a break.

    It's not even an issue.

    Let's go back in history and investigate how some of the most celebrated leaders of our country failed miserably in their private lives: Clinton who lied repeatedly to the American public about Monica; Roosevelt - affair; JFK - many affairs...

    We could go on an on...the fact is that a tanning bed is a non-issue. Ever hear of a senior girl tan before prom?

  4. LOL...right next to the lipstick and heel closets.


    If this had been Hillary, neocons would have needed mouth-to-mouth because of their coronaries.

    Is she encouraging Hurricane Bristol, Inc. to use this too? Are we spreading our need for skin cancer to the family?

  5. Why do you quote the Huffington post? It is another left-wing blog, that would be like me quoting the National Enquirer. WHO CARES about tanning beds, I agree with stan, scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Why don't you give yourself some legitimacy and just leave the Palin thing alone, you got nothin!! This blog gets worse the closer election day gets here.

  6. Yup, I just searched your blog, 11 times you've used the Huffington post as a resource. Good grief. ;)

  7. Scraping the bottom of the barrel...just like Edwards and his $400 haircut, right? Or is that different?

  8. Hmmm, didn't Obama just quit smoking lately? I bet that wasn't cheap, but I guess when you're paying over $40,000 a year on private education for your elementary school children, things can be a little stressful. Champion of change? I wonder if he'll be pulling his kids out of private school and support public schools like he so desperately claims.
    Ho hum... tanning beds...zzzzz.

  9. "zzzz"? That's funny: you're finding this post lots more exciting to post on than the water projects in Lake County. Hmmm....

    Huff Post: you bet I'll cite it, especially when it cites so many other good sources.

    But feel free to get other versions of the story from...
    --ABC News,
    --the LA Times blogs,
    --FOX News blogs,...

    Just because Huff Post says it, doesn't mean it isn't true.

  10. Oh but McCain’s kids went to private schools, too! I think the point in this post is that it’s McCain’s campaign that has lodged the “elitist” attacks against Obama when McCain/Palin have no room to talk.

    And Obama pulling his two children out of private school and sending them to a public school won’t actually do anything to change education in America, will it? No, for that you have to look at actual policy:

    Obama on education

    McCain on education

  11. "Scraping the bottom of the barrel...just like Edwards and his $400 haircut, right? Or is that different?"

    By golly, Erin, the two are in effect precisely the same.

  12. There are tanning beds in private homes right here in Madison. In fact, my retired neighbor and his wife have one they use every day and they only paid about $2500 for it. No different than owning your own washer and dryer anymore. All about convenience and making sure nobody takes secret pictures of you when you're in your skivvies that end up on You Tube!

  13. pennypincher9/16/2008 11:57 AM

    anon 10:01. Good point about the affairs and weren't all of those people you listed Democrats?

    Personally, I didn't see any difference with having tax breaks and more money in my pocket between Bush, Clinton, and Bush. Not sure why people think one way is so much better than the other. The people that we elect to represent us have no idea what it is to live in a $100,000 (if you're lucky) home with MAYBE $40,000-50,000/ a year to live off of. They have aquired a lifestyle that a majority of the people they govern can't even imagine. It's sad really.

  14. Huffington Post is about as as factual and reliable a news source as I am a swimsuit model!

    With that in mind, does it really matter that she spent her own money on a tanning bed? Six months of darkness in Alaska would make anyone pasty.

    Add the fact that 1) She used her own money and 2) Didn't use taxpayer funds shows that while it is a luxury, even a vanity item, it's her friggin' choice!

    I think if you're going to attack her policies, that's one thing. Attacking what she does in her private life and with what she purchases? That's a bit off-target, don't you think?

  15. Not when she tries to make her personal life and her down-to-earthiness a reason to vote for her. The McCain campaign is trying to win on image and personality. It is thus wholly fair to question the image and personality McCain and Palin are trying to peddle as substitutes for sound policy.

    And Matt, I think you'd look good in a swimsuit. ;-)

  16. Ya better get stronger eyeglasses, Cory! LOL

  17. If she bought it used, it shows she thought about buying a good product without paying full price!

    It's funny you didn't see that point of view. But that wasn't the point of the piece was it...to make her look good.

    That's just the kinda leader Govenor Palin is!

  18. pennypincher9/16/2008 5:27 PM

    So if you are attacking Palin because she is trying to be down to earth, yet owns a tanning bed. Then why should I vote for a Dem that is supposed to be "For the People and fights for the working class", but yet pays $40,000/ year for their kids to go to private school?

    That doesn't sound like middle class to me.

  19. Here's the meat of this whole thing. It was a childish, pointless post and was not worth the electrcity that you wasted putting it up... not very green... Why waste your time with mindless drivel? I'll bet if you look harder, do some research, and stop relying on hack websites to copy from ( yeah, that means have ONE original thought) you may even find out that Palin has irresponsibly splurged on luxuries like a fridge, or maybe even a YMCA membership!! I would love to read an intelligent post that doesn't just toe the party line and repeat what others have already said for once. I can read these lame opinions in their original form. Get back to blogging man! And, just a question? why is it that every time you start getting your butt handed to you after a post, you rely on erin to bail you out? I say let her have the blog and you just go fishing... And before you try and say something silly like "not very green yourself"... I don't hug trees. Jim Johannsen

  20. P.S. I went on ebay just to see if $35,000 was even a somewhat reasonable estimate of the cost of a tanning bed... just so you don't make that silly mistake again:
    You can currently buy the first 27 tanning beds on ebay for 35k.. not each, all of them, EXCELLENT research. Jim Johannsen

  21. Erin, I followed your links to each team's education plans, as suggested. I must admit I only read the Pre-school part of McCain's (I actually read all of Obama's because it was only one page long), but, wow! McCain really has his act together. His plan is well-thought, detailed, and thoroughly explained, I.E. "here's where we are, here's where we want to be, and here is HOW we will get there". It is a PLAN. Meanwhile, Obama tells us that he will provide "high-quality" education. No plan, just a promise. I'm voting for substance over promises.

  22. "And, just a question? why is it that every time you start getting your butt handed to you after a post, you rely on erin to bail you out?"

    Jim, I assure you that Cory does not "rely" on me to do anything on this blog. I comment once in awhile just like the rest of you (a heck of a lot less than some of you). Simple as that.

  23. Anon 9:49:

    Actually Obama's education plan is more than one page long. You need to scroll to the bottom of this page where it says "For More Information about Barack's Plan" and click on the links (PDF alert). The Pre-K to 12 Plan alone is 14 pages long and definitely meets your criteria of "well-thought, detailed, and thoroughly explained."

    Happy reading!

  24. Jim: "childish" is making fun of Erin's participation in the conversation. Perhaps you would do better to focus on the validity of her arguments... which I haven't seen anyone manage to do yet.

  25. Sorry Cory,
    I have yet to see where Erin has made a point in her remarks. She sent us to websites where Obama clearly says nothing, and McCain has a detailed action plan. Please Erin, detail your defense of Obama's education plan vs McCain. That would show some validity as to what you are saying.

  26. Hi Pat,
    I really don’t think Obama says “nothing” in the 20 pages of his education plan (definitely a “detailed action plan” at that). Once again, here are the links so you can read the whole plan for yourself (PDF alert). I don’t think you really need me to detail Obama’s education plan vs. McCain’s. I trust that you are intelligent enough to read through all of the information yourself and draw your own conclusion…as long as you take into consideration all the information provided by both candidates.

    Pre K-12 Education Plan

    College Affordability Plan

    Education Reform Plan

  27. Jim, why is it that whenever Cory makes a passioned, thought out argument, some ignoramus has to drag Erin into it?

    Granted, I don't agree with a lot of what Cory has to say, especially at the national poltical scene. And I'll contest those ideas if they don't agree with mine. BUT I do have enough class, dignity, and self-respect (thanks, Mom!) to NOT drag someone's family into it!

    In other words, Jim. Get a clue. Attacking someone's family makes you look foolish and weak.

  28. jackrabbit... if you had bothered to actually read my post, you would have determined that I think erin is wonderful! she posts intelligent, well-thought arguments nearly every-time she logs on. she posts VALID links to reputable sources to back her arguments up. I think that Erin should have her own blog."I say let her have the blog and you just go fishing....." that was what I said, I never insulted her, I think she is the brains in this team! Go Erin! JJ.

  29. And your fake sincerity is just as insulting as what you originally posted! You're drifting away from the subject at hand and getting into personal commentary, which is VERBOTEN, according to any rule of civilized debate.

    Stick to the issue, and leave Cory's family out of it! You'll be a much better person for it.

  30. And people wonder why I'm a Libertarian! SHEESH!

  31. Wow. Sarah buys a tanning bed with her own money...while Obama hobnobs with Hollywood gazzillionaires who probably have plenty of 'em in their McMansions.

    See how silly this topic is?

    (And yeah, I don't think tanning beds are a great idea, either. Better than doing cocaine, though....like a certain candidate admits to doing...)

  32. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the compliments! Actually, I do have my own blog over at www.prairieroots.wordpress.com. Check it out if you have the time.

  33. Wow, for this being a "non-issue" as was originally whined, it sure has a lot of comments.

    Besides, tanned caribou would be tough and nasty.


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