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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cloudy Today, Blizzards Tomorrow!

Miracle Treat Day happens at the Madison Dairy Queen tomorrow, August 9! Proceeds from every Blizzard sold go to the Children's Miracle Network. As KJAM reports this morning, the Madison Dairy Queen will be hustling to beat last year's Miracle Treat Day sales of 3803 Blizzards (the best one-store total in not just the region but the nation!).

According to Jay Trobec and Weather Underground, today's clouds should give way tomorrow to morning fog, then sunshine and high 80s. Sounds like a great day for ice cream! So get some sun, then come get a Blizzard. You'll please your tummy and help kids get medical care -- that's a win-win situation!

And don't forget: the Madville Times will be blogging live from the Madison Dairy Queen all day on Miracle Treat Day. If CMN has helped your family, be sure to stop by and tell your story. We'll post those stories along with photos and Blizzard count updates as they are available (though DeLon's going to be moving so fast, I might not be able to catch him!).

p.s.: Yet another Miracle Treat for the day: the Honorable Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth will be in town talking highway expansion and eating spaghetti at the Elks. If you see the good Congresswoman, tell her to stop by the Dairy Queen for dessert!

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