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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

School Board Blogging

No history-making for this blogger! I was thinking, "If I win the school board election on April 8, I'll be the first school board member to blog in South Dakota! Cool!"

Ha. As usual, I'm playing catch-up. A message from Fred Deutsch, member of the Watertown school board, points me toward his new education blog, School of Thought. He has lots of good education links in his sidebar, plus a great "Sweet 16" list of good books for school board members to read. (Sibby, be sure to vet Deutsch's site for Marxism... ;-) )

Deustch started blogging just this month, but he already seems to "get" what blogs can do:

The more we can all talk about the things we like and don’t like in our public schools, the more we can do to make them even better. [Deutsch, welcome message].

Exactly. Board members and community members alike need to be open and talk about what's going on with our schools, good and bad. We need to highlight and celebrate the good things that our kids and teachers do. But it's just as important that we face the problems our schools. You can't solve problems without talking about them first.

Welcome to the blog-world, Mr. Deutsch! I hope you get lots of Watertown parents and students into some good conversations.


  1. Cory -

    As one of Fred's constiutents and friends, I can assure you that you will find no Marxism on his site. He is one of those thoughtful and community conservative Republicans that I love (and you wish weren't so thoughtful or conservative or Republican :) )

  2. oops = should have said "community minded"
    --Lee Schoenbeck

  3. No Marxism -- looks that way to me, but Sibby finds the Red Menace in some surprising places... ;-)

    And I would never wish less thoughtfulness on anyone. I can live with conservative Republicanism (I used to do conservative Republicanism!), as long as it's thoughtful.


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