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Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama Needs Dose of Kucinich on FISA Reform

SD Moderate reminds me why I miss Dennis Kucinich. Barack Obama appears poised to cave on a pledge to filibuster any FISA reform offering retroactive immunity to the telecom corporations who have cahootsified with the government in trashing the Constitution and tapping our phones. Our own own Congresswoman has voted for that immunity.

Meanwhile Dennis Kucinich sticks to his principles and votes against the current legislation:

Thank you, Dennis. You need to pay a visit to Obama's office this week and remind him that compromise has its place, but not on Constitutional rights.

Of course, we all know where Senator McCain stands on immunity for wealthy interests who break the law....


  1. Pardon me, but if a suspected terrorist is calling someone in the US, I want to know. Indeed, I think our gov't has a duty to me to know and investigate in order to protect my little self. The gov't can't willy nilly tap anybody's phones. Maybe Obama has finally come to realize this.

  2. 8:59, your comment shows just how out of touch many are on this.

    The Government did just "willy nilly" as you call it tap phone calls originating in the US placed by US citizens without getting the required warrants, all aided by telecom companies.

    Several of the provisions proposed in this FISA bill would let these companies as well as the Bush Administration off the hook for these illegal acts by giving them retroactive immunity.

    You may have no problem giving up your 4th Amendment rights but others including myself do and find it criminal that Congress is giving the Bush Administration their blessing for doing so.


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