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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bailout Shows Whacked Priorities: Write in Bono for President!

Talk about having your priorities straight:

It is extraordinary to me that you can find $700 billion to save Wall Street and the entire G8 can't find $25 billion to save 25,000 children who die every day of preventable treatable disease and hunger.

—Bono, addressing the Clinton Global Initiative summit, New York City, 2008.09.24

Not happy with McCain or Obama? Write in Bono for President!


  1. That is probably a downfall of a capitalistic society. Our priorities become more about money and property than people and humanity. Too bad. So many blessings and so little shared.

  2. I would vote for Bono!

  3. I think it's probably necessary to have BOTH a bailout and greater investment in health care and research. We need a bailout to reassure banks that loans to regular folks are worth the gamble. We need greater investment in health care and research (here and globally) to provide relief for the regular folks struggling to provide for their families.

    Let's find out how the candidates plan to deliver. I like to check www.yourcandidatesyourhealth.org periodically and see how the presidential and congressional candidates dovetail on the issues (or not). There is not a single South Dakota candidate who has responded to the questionnaire, and that's troublesome. We need to emphasize that this is an important issue for constituents, and get the candidates on the record for how they plan to accomplish a McCain or Obama health reform plan. If you care about investing in health care and research, contact your candidates and get them moving on these issues!

  4. Before you bad mouth our nation for not caring about humanity, maybe take a check and see how much we give to support the UN and its programs (without us it would probably die, which maybe would be a good thing actually) and how much aid we give third world countries and how much we send to any disaster around the world and how much we are doing for disaster victims in our country. Yes, we do have many blessings, but also yes, we do share a LOT!


  5. Hang on, Nonnie: Bono's taking a swipe at the entire G-8, not just America. And it's not badmouthing America to ask, if we can muster the political will to spend $700 billion on bankers, why we can't muster similar will to end poverty and hunger in Africa?


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