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Friday, September 12, 2008

IM11 Supporters Wrong: Abortion Bans Don't Stop Abortion

The supporters of Initiated Measure 11 are on the airwaves, repeating the same baloney as always. Their new ad says "Measure 11 will reduce abortion from being used as birth control and will prevent 97 percent of abortions from ever occuring."

Haven't we covered this before? Why yes we have! Last October, Anna at DakotaWomen pointed out an international eight-year study that found "Women are just as likely to get an abortion in countries where it is outlawed as they are in countries where it is legal" [Maria Cheng, "Legal Status Doesn't Deter Abortion," AP via USA Today, 2007.10.11].

Oh well: Leslee Unruh and her groupies will keep reciting the same old lies; the rest of us will keep reciting the same old truths. Darn shame when reality keeps intruding on your worldview (and your business model), isn't it, Leslee?


  1. I would also add that it sort of irks me when the media angles the issue as deciding if abortion will remain legal or become illegal in SD, completely ignoring the fact that this won't decide anything except for whether or not this sucker's headed through the courts (alongside SD tax payer dollars)! I feel like if more 'middle ground' people understood the judicial complexity of this, they'd vote against it. It's not like abortion is going to be illegal tomorrow, folks.

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  3. Based on the (admittedly limited) research I have done, unwanted teen pregnancies (meaning conceptions) are more frequent in countries where the procedure is illegal, and less frequent in more progressive societies.

    If the goal is to reduce unwanted pregnancies among young people, an abortion ban may not only fail, but have a reverse effect.

  4. Education works far better than Legislation and the numbers over the past 30 years prove it. Abortions are down dramatically, not because of strict laws, but because sex education, contraceptive education and family discussions are effective for preventing pregnancy and subsequent abortions. Everyone should read this new revamped law. It is more restrictive than the last one, but it is being packaged as a "better" law with exceptions. Not true. Take time to read it fully.

  5. baloney is actually spelled B-A-L-O-G-N-A.

  6. And it has a first name, O-S-C-A-R.

    It also has a second name, M-E-Y-E-R!


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