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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Madville Times Poll: Are You Voting Republican, Democrat, or Split Ticket?

Hey, check out my new poll in the right sidebar, right below the "Latest Comments"!

I'm curious how my readers are voting with respect to party come November. Take out your ballot (Secretary Chris Nelson can give you a copy in ten seconds online), look at all the candidates (we'll get to the initiatives later). Look at every office: President, U.S. Senate and House, PUC, state legislature, and whatever fun local offices you may have to vote on. If you were to vote today (and remember, you can by absentee ballot!), would you make your mark next to all Republicans? All Democrats? A mix? Or would you mark as many third-party candidates as you have available? I'm curious—let me know in the poll... and let me know your reasoning here in the comments!


  1. I am an fiscally ultra conservative democrat. I believe in personal responsibility and taking care of your own.

    I vote for the woman or (if there is no other choice) man of upstanding character and that has a vision for leadership.

    I don't believe in toeing the party line...EVER. I have no time for political machines or their twisted views.

  2. I guess I am voting for the socialist of my choice....so it will be either a democrat or a republican. but not Russ Olson!

  3. pennypincher9/24/2008 7:49 AM

    There is no black or white. No one way is right. Dems don't like wars, but didn't we fight a war to get where we are at today?

    People that vote strictly party lines are not considering the candidates. If the Devil was the candidate for your party, would you vote for him??? Think about it.

  4. I'm generally not an advocate of straight-ticket voting, especially not at the local level, where party affiliation has perhaps the least to do with getting things done. But I'm just curious how the vote is breaking down: even if you're not an eager partisan, look through your ballot, mark the people you like, then go back and count: does it turn out you picked more of one party than another? Keep those votes and comments coming!

  5. Ditto to 4:30, other than that man poke. jh

  6. Not that I like Leiberman (though a better choice than Palin), but throw the guy out? Anon 4:30 isn't gonna like that.

    Connecticut Democrats to debate censuring Lieberman

    HARTFORD, Conn. - Connecticut Democrats are considering whether to ask Sen. Joe Lieberman to leave the party for speaking at the Republicans' convention and backing GOP presidential nominee John McCain.


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