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Monday, September 22, 2008

What Economic Crisis? We've Got Tomatoes!

How can there be an economic crisis when our garden is still giving us this much food?

I'll start sweating the economic downturn when we run out of tomato sauce... which could be a while.

It's ugly, but it's ours! Yummmm....


  1. Yummy lycopenes:


    The government should hand them out as preventative medication.

  2. The contents of that bowl (plus some basil, sweet pepper, and Swiss chard from our garden) turned into my first batch of homemade pizza sauce. It's now sitting in our chest freezer waiting for winter weekends when we'll be extra hungry for fresh tomato flavor!

    By the way, those tomatoes are mostly Brandywines, notorious both for their ugliness and their excellent taste!


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