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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Closing Statements (and then cookies!)

Scott Parsley:
  • Forums like this important: we need chance to share with you our vision for South Dakota
  • We need to hear your questions so we know what's on your mind and how we can address your concerns. That's a legislator's job
  • I want to represent all of the people of District 8.
Russell Olson:
  • Thanks for the opportuntity, thanks wife Jenny.
Mitch Fargen:
  • I'm new, so I like getting out and meeting everyone. Look forward to more door-to-door.
Patricia Stricherz:
  • Look forward to your support in November.
Jerry Johnson:
  • First chance to get to know Patricia and Mitch
  • Fun to be here with Gerry after sitting in Gerry's classes long ago (Gerry adds Jerry is "a heck of a tennis player!")
  • Not about party, but about hard work, understanding issues, moving forward in positive direction
Gerry Lange:
  • "We hold those truths to be self-evident, that all men (and women!) are created equal..."
  • Rotary: "service above self", give primacy to human and spiritual values, not material values
  • that's what politics should be about, public service
  • unfortunately, it's too often about pandering for votes
  • 30 years of one-party government in South Dakota bad
  • change would be useful!


  1. Cory, you must have an amazing type speed because there is no way I could get all of this even though I was there :-)

  2. Cookies…nobody said anything about cookies! Were the cookies advertised? Seriously, thanks for the local debate coverage. It looks like you did a good job of covering the ground.


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