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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Internal Johnson Poll: McCain 45, Obama 40

...and Joel who?

Marc Ambinder at the Atlantic gets hold of an internal poll from Senator Tim Johnson's campaign (papers do just float about in funny ways, don't they?). You can read the full document here (Word format). Highlights from the 613 likely South Dakota voters surveyed Monday and Tuesday of this week:
  • McCain leads Obama 45% to 40%. (Bush beat Kerry in SD in 2004 60% to 38%.)
  • The sample included 41% self-identifying Republicans, 35% Democrats, and 24% Independents. Should boost McCain's numbers.
  • The sample could be said to skew older (though that depends on your definition of old): 41% over 55, 32% under 40. Should boost McCain's numbers
  • The sample skewed educated: 44% college graduates, 27% with only HS diploma or less. Should boost Obama's numbers.
Laugh line of the poll: Joel Dykstra has a lower favorability rating in South Dakota than Barack Obama... and one week before the election, 42% of respondents still say they have never heard of Dykstra. (3% say they've never heard of Senator Tim Johnson... who are you people?)

The GOP presidential nominee winning South Dakota by 5 points, against a black Democrat who came in second in the South Dakota primary. The GOP Senate candidate still unknown to 2 out of 5 likely South Dakota voters. If there's any truth to Johnson's numbers, heads are gonna roll at GOP campaign headquarters....


  1. Dykstra had a hard time getting known when Johnson refused to debate or even appear with him for discussions, and when Dykstra's campaign criticized Johnson, Jardson was right there crying foul, unfair, victim, take your pick.

    And for those 3 who didn't even know Johnson, I agree "Who ARE these people?" Everyone has a right and a responsibility to vote, but they also have a responsibility to educate themselves just an iota before casting that vote.

  2. You mean to tell me Tim Johnson spent 15-20k on a poll and didn't ask who they were voting for for US Senate? Something is fishy here...i think the poll shows Johnson has bad numbers and therefore they didn't leak that portion of the poll. LETS SEE THE REST OF THE POLL.


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