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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Johnson-Thune Earmark Waste Corrupts South Dakota


Washington pork rears its ugly head and oinks in South Dakota. The Brookings Register reports that consummate Washington insiders Tim Johnson and John Thune snuck all sorts of corrupt, wasteful projects into the Defense, Veterans, and Homeland Security budget for FY 2009 for their selfish, greedy constituents (oh, oops—that would be us):
  • $60.8 million for military construction at Ellsworth AFB and Guard facilities in Sioux Falls, Camp Rapid, and Rapid City;
  • $11.3 million for South Dakota State University to work on (among other things) alternative power for missile defense, biofuel for jet fighters, and "automated behavior analysis" to catch bio-terrorists
Military construction in South Dakota? Pish posh—South Dakota's not being invaded. Research on bio-jet-fuel? Just an excuse for those Marxist liberal academics to play around in their laboratories while they concoct more secular humanist brainwashing schemes.

I'm sure the good people of South Dakota will vote unanimously for the McCain-* ticket and demand that Washington take back all this corrupt money. I'm sure Joel Dykstra will promise to kill any such projects when he's in the Senate. And if Washington can't do it, I'm sure our legislators will open the 2009 session by voting unanimously to refund every penny of this pork, plus interest, to Washington.


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  1. The point on earmarks is that there shouldn't be any. If the people want money for this and that, it shouldn't be hid in another bill and voted on without the legislators even knowing its there. Regardless of party, regardless of desired grant etc.


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