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Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain Acts with Honor, Defends Obama Against Racists and Fearmongers

Oops—must have excited the wrong base....

In the face of boorish, booing "supporters" in Minnesota, Senator John McCain proved he still has some shreds of his honor intact.

When one man said he was scared to raise his unborn child under a President Barack Obama, Senator McCain said of Senator Obama, "I have to tell you, he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as President of the United States." McCain drew angry hoots and catcalls from his audience, but he defended Obama anyway.

When local McCain campaign volunteer Gayle Quinnell* said she can't trust Obama because "he's an Arab," McCain took the microphone away from her and said, "No, ma'am. No, ma'am. He's a decent family man, a citizen who I just happen to have serious differences with on fundamental questions" (as if Arabs can't also be decent family men?).

See for yourself—here's video of the town hall meeting in Lakeville, Minnesota, on Friday, October 10, 2008:

Senator McCain is seeing firsthand the anger, the delusions, and even (dare I say it, Dr. Newquist?) the fascist tendencies that his own Rove-Atwater tacticians have helped unleash. And in Senator McCain's response, I see—I want to see—a man who is realizing that winning an election is not worth losing one's honor... or destroying another's honor.

At the very least, Senator McCain may be looking out into those angry crowds and realizing those people don't support him; they just oppose Barack Obama. And having a bunch of people who hate the other guy might help you win the election (though it didn't work for Kerry in 2004), but those people won't help you govern. Once they've beaten their boogeyman on Election Day, they quit. They won't give you a mandate. They won't rally to support your efforts to reform government and forge new policies. Those spiteful voters are about personal destruction, not constructive policy-making... and John McCain may be realizing that those "supporters" make up far too large a portion of his dwindling base.

I still have serious differences with Senator McCain on fundamental questions, and we should still hold him responsible for the harmful tactics of his campaign. But I respect his brave service to his country, and Friday, he performed another brave patriotic service, defending a fellow Senator—a fellow American—from the unjust attacks of a hostile crowd.

p.s.: My Sunday fantasy: Senator McCain goes back to his maverick roots. He suspends his campaign—for good. He goes on David Letterman's show, fills out his absentee ballot on camera, and votes for Barack Obama. President Obama appoints Senator McCain Secretary of Defense... and on January 20, 2009, issues a pre-emptive pardon to Governor Sarah Palin.

*After the rally, Quinnell rejected McCain's defense, insisting Obama is "a Muslim and a terrorist."

Update 15:05 CDT: see similar sentiments from the judiciously undecided Mr. Woster at Mt. Blogmore.


  1. The problem with Woster's post is not saying McCain's own campaign has contributed to the rowdy crowds. He may not be afraid of a McCain Presidency, but Palin has fed on this (she knows what her supporters want to hear), and we may inherit her. I left an earlier post about a nice older guy in town who wondered how I could vote for a man who is half black. I've never understood how people in Madison feel that way, since many of us have no basis of experience. Just different I guess, but isn't that what Palin has been saying?

  2. I find it interesting no one even is concerned that OBOMO, is connected to the financial crisis that has finally come to a head on our country. We as a nation also need to be aware of OBOMO's connection to a domestic terrorist. To be even an associate of a convicted domestic terrorist and say it is nothing would be like one of the guys at the elevator saying they used to drink every Friday night with Timothy McVeigh before he was considered a terrorist. And expect every one around him to not see something wrong with this picture. WE ALL KNOW BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER, even if one of them has never been convicted.

  3. Palin has NOT been saying we can't vote for a Black man. I would vote for a Black man if I agreed with his views. I don't agree with Obama's views, and that is why I'm not voting for him, and that is what Palin is saying too.

    Good grief, quit trying to lay racism at the feet of the Reps. Is is Obama himself that has instigated this; Reps have not. And I get angry when people like anon 3:41 above acuse Reps of this.

    McCain acted with honor because he is a honorable man. But McCain might have been wrong that we don't have to be scared of an Obama presidency, not because he is Black or purple or striped, but because of his policies.

    That's why he has not gone after Obama on many issues that I wish he would. A big issue in my opinion is Acorn and voter fraud and Obama's relationship to Acorn. But the media, except for Fox, won't go after this story so many people don't even know about it.

  4. As Ron White would say: You can't fix stupid!

    We should not fear the honorable men running for public office, but instead should fear the radical moron idiots and fools of both parties whose militant beliefs have drug this country down.

  5. Pennypincher10/13/2008 4:50 AM

    What I find hard to believe is how Democratic the media and celebrities are. Normally you turn on the news and they are obviously pro-Republican. This year, oh my gosh, they are all Democrat. Why is that? Is it because he is such a great candidate? What I don't understand is how all of these people that are making over $250,000, the exact people that Obama has pledged to raise taxes on, are going to support him. Why is that? It makes no sense what soever.

    I can't believe, all of a sudden, that Hollywood and the Media all of a sudden got a conscience and are thinking that they need to pay more taxes and do their fair share.

  6. Anon 9:19: Small point. Did you notice that no one mentioned in the post said anything about Obama's being black? The racism I identify in the headline is the woman who would suggest that we can't trust Arabs. She didn't say a thing about policies.

    Anon 11:38: could you identify any of the "militants" who have dragged this country down? Would that include indulgent Wall Street brokers, corporate lobbyists, and unscrupulous mortgage lenders?

    PennyP: maybe some people do recognize that paying taxes is their patriotic duty. Heck, thousands of young men and women have given their lives for us in Iraq and Afghanistan; the least we can do is cough up some cash. Reporters and famous people are Americans, too -- they might actually love their country just as you and I do.

  7. pennypincher10/13/2008 8:12 AM


    Doesn't this thing about Ayers and ACORN bother you? Fox News has been doing a lot of coverage about it this weekend and the fact that Obama was part of the reason for this credit crisis? He was part of the people influencing these loans to people who couldn't afford them.

  8. As far as Obamb being half black, he is also half white. It cracks me up because people refer him to be half black, instead of half white.

  9. Anon 10:40:

    I think it is the O-bomb who has created his associations with black constituents, church affiliation and labels himself as black, not white. It really doesn't matter to me what color he is. His liberal politics scare me, and while he is a good orator, he has never demonstrated leadership. In fact, has waffled back and forth several times in his short political career. That is the real issue, not anything to do with someone's race.

  10. Guess Cory doesn't have time to
    answer pennypincher's question on Acorn.

  11. Some comments aren't worth response, but I figured some Anonymous would try claiming silence = victory. So I'll just say the Ayers and ACORN propaganda is bunk, and a distraction from real polices. I'd open the Charles Keating can (McCain's actual association and use of influence in elected office)... but that issue doesn't fire me up much, either.

    Obama has the better policies, the better advisors, and the better grasp of the problems we face in the 21st century. And even John McCain admits that we don't have to be afraid of an Obama presidency. Even John McCain rejects the worldview of fear that desperate "supporters" like you keep reciting. When you won't believe your own candidate... wow, things must be pretty bleak in your world.

    I think McCain is already looking ahead. After this election, he'll quite happily go back to the Senate, leave all this Rove-Atwater baloney behind, and get back to really putting Country First. Don't be surprised if you see Senator McCain leading efforts for bipartisan cooperation in the Senate to help President Obama address this nation's problems. I hope you propagandists can be as accepting and patriotic.

  12. If you don't vote for Obama you are racist and if you don't vote for McCain/Palin your are smart....I mean sexist ba bump bump!

  13. PennyPincher10/13/2008 4:53 PM


    On FoxNews they went out on the street and asked people if they new anything about ACORN and Obama's affiliation with Ayers. Only a few even knew what the reporter was talking about, so for Obama, that is probably a good thing. So, in your opinion, do you think people are coming out with this just because it is so close to the election? Do you have any info disputing this? I would like to believe that I have been given accurate information.

    You told me to do some researching on the internet to get informed and I have. Unfortunately, the research I have done didn't lean me towards Obama. I was in awe of Obama in his speaking ability, the message he had, and yes, I thought it would be cool to have a black president. Unfortunately, the more I hear, the more I get concerned. Even Hillary and Bill Clinton during Hillary's campaign said that everyone should be affraid of Obama.

    If there is this much misinformation out there about Obama, then there is just as much misinformation out there about McCain. How do we know who is right and who isn't?

  14. Good grief, Cory, the stuff about Acorn is bunk???? Maybe in your mind and the minds of the liberal media.

    Wake up. There is proven election fraud propagated by Acorn, which has ties to Obama. He funneled funds to Acorn, maybe thru an intermediary, maybe not. But if Obama won't come out and spaek about Acorn and election fraud, he is truly pathetic and dishonest.

    Amd Acorn tactics were some of the cause of the banks giving out crappy loans to people who couldn't obviously pay them. Obama was training people in these tactics as part of his "community orgnizer" duties BTW so he obviously endorsed them.

    But if you refuse to look at the facts or research a little, so be it. Are you afraid of what you might find out about the annointed one?

  15. Penny, I will admit, you do seem to come at these questions with an honest heart. I appreciate that.

    Unfortunately, while you seem interested in an honest, neighborly conversation, the Anonymi just want to change the topic and fill the Internet with more Atwater-Rove character assassination. The original point was that McCain -- not me, not left-wingers, but McCain himself -- was telling his people that we don't have to be afraid of an Obama Presidency, and that I thought it took a big man, an honorable man, to say that. Even in response to my acknowledgment that McCain is still an honorable man, the Anonymi blast away with more baloney. *sigh*...

    But if you insist on drowning out my declaration that McCain is an honorable man, then fine. I'll say it one more time: the ACORN stuff is bunk. I'd post on it, but it's not worth it... and Josh Marshall already has it covered. Ditto on Ayers: not worth my time (or yours, Penny), and already covered.

  16. And McCain is still an honorable man to stand up to the irrational fear and hatred expressed by the people (they can't really be called McCain "supporters") at the Lakeville town hall meeting. In light of John McCain's own words, to still maintain that we should fear Obama is to question John McCain's honor and judgment.

  17. Pennypincher10/13/2008 7:53 PM

    Thank you Corey. I appreciate your kind words. I am a newby to politics. Most things, to me, in the past were pretty cut and dry. This election is a scary election. More junk out there. More gossip and rumors to sort through. maybe it's just because I am older and am starting to care more about our future and what direction it is taking. No matter who wins, I hope they do the right thing. I pray for that every nite.

  18. Ignore Acorn all you want, and cite liberal websites to back it up. I think this has a slightly greater importance than Troopergate, which you so gleefully cover of course.

  19. Where's all of them facist rearmongers?

  20. Huge props to Campbell Brown of CNN for her commentary "So what if Obama were a Muslim or an Arab?"

    Says Brown: "We've all been too quick to accept the idea that calling someone Muslim is a slur. I feel like I am stating the obvious here, but apparently it needs to be said: There is a difference between radical Muslims who support jihad against America and Muslims who want to practice their religion freely and have normal lives like anyone else."

    Read the whole thing at the link above.

  21. caheidelberger said...
    And McCain is still an honorable man to stand up to the irrational fear and hatred expressed by the people (they can't really be called McCain "supporters") at the Lakeville town hall meeting. In light of John McCain's own words, to still maintain that we should fear Obama is to question John McCain's honor and judgment.

    10/13/2008 7:09 PM

    I would like to point out McCain being a long time politician, has taught him well in this case if he did not stand up for Obomo, he would have been labled a racisit for not defending him, as well as disliked by his own supporters for defending him. I still feel the ACORN & Ayers are real things Obomo is and has been involved in which america needs to have vetted out one way or the other.

    Corey if you applied for a goverment job, and had been friends with a convicted terrorist domestic or other wise, think you would get the job. I think not!

  22. So the funny thing here is that we have an apparent McCain "supporter" telling us that McCain is just another politician who will say whatever he has to to get elected. That's just more proof that McCain doesn't really have people supporting him; he just has a bunch of people desperate to oppose Obama in any way they can. How depressing.

  23. I support Obama but I do want to know the truth about ACORN. It might be as simple as the people doing the enrolling getting paid for each registration.

    And on this black/white issue, race doesn't mean much although there are cultural differences, as there are between northern whites and southern whites. But it reminds me of my favorite Star Trek episode of the planet at war. One race was white on left, black on right, and the other black on left and white on right.

    One more thing, why have older people I know told me they would vote for Colin Powell or Condie Rice, but not Obama? Cause they aren't change. Some of this is fear of change.


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