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Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain's Coming for Your Guns! Vote Obama!

Take guns off the table as a reason to vote for McCain instead of Obama: In 2001, the NRA labeled Senator John McCain "one of the premier flag carriers for the enemies of the Second Amendment." In 2004, McCain voted to renew the assualt weapons ban (a ban President Bush endorsed). Read the source.

Meanwhile, even the Rednecks for Obama know that Obama "ain't gonna take your guns away."

What's an assault-weapons lover to do? Well, you can vote for Bob Barr... or you can vote on issues that actually make a difference to solving the real economic and foreign policy problems America faces.

"Gosh darn it," says Gooney McBuckshot, "I gots to do me more thinkin'...."


  1. Sorry to rain on your parade, but the NRA has officially endorsed the McCain/Palin ticket.

    Say all you want about the anointed one, we just don't trust him on this or many other issues. He has learned how to talk out of both sides of his mouth, or change with the prevailing winds, or just leave out damaging information about his life.

    He, and you, won't explain Obama's "tax cut to 95% of the people" which is not even possible.

    He claims he never heard Rev Wright's bigoted and hateful and racist comments even tho he was in that church for 20 years.

    He worked with Acorn, represented them in a legal case, but now denies all this. Acorn has and is involved in voter fraud, but Obama does not call for a fair election and getting Acorn out of the process.

    Sorry, but for the above and many other reasons I simply cannot trust anything that Obama says.


  2. A ban on Assault Weapons is a good thing. Our society does not benefit from the availability of semi-automatic assault weapons which are used against our children in school shootings, used against friends and family in shopping mall shootings and used against fellow employees in office shootings. Nobody's taking away our shotguns, rifles and handguns. Removing "Assault" Weapons from the hands of those who would harm people in public places is smart evolution of a caring society. I proudly support McCain-Palin.

    Ho Ho Ho

  3. Anon 2:08: And the NRA's rank hypocrisy and ignorance of issues that really matter (economy, education, economic development) is why I can't trust anything they say. Notice that not one word of what you said has anything to do with real policy issues (except for the tax comment, where you're wrong).

  4. So Cory answer anonymous on his one
    "real issue".
    How is it possible to cut taxes for 95% of the people when only 55% of the people acutally pay any income tax.
    I'm waiting to hear your answer.

  5. Oh, fine. Obama's tax plan reduces the tax burden for almost everybody (although no matter who is elected, the plan will likely change, and we'll all have to pay higher taxes to pay off the Reagan-Bush-o-nomics debt and Wall Street bailouts). The plan as stated lowers taxes on anyone making less than $250K. Now if you're already free and clear of federal income taxes thanks to existing deductions, then yes, $0 owed is $0 owed, and Obama can't make that $0 lower. But even for you low-income folks, he's making sure that as you do get better jobs and wages under the Obama economy, you still are further removed from getting hit with higher taxes. If you are $10,000 away from having to pay income tax now, under Obama, you'll be (sheer guess) $12K or $15K away from exceeding your deductions under Obama. That's still better than what McCain offers. We can quibble about the words (and that's all those of you trying to rationalize a McCain-* vote have left), but the truth of the matter is, working families are better off under Obama than under McCain, even if their taxes owed are currently as low as possible.

    And the thing on this post is, whoever's tax plan gets passed, you're not going to be able to change your taxes, your wages, your health care premiums, or your kids' education with the guns in your closet. The NRA, like McCain, is focusing on the wrong issues.

  6. Thank you for your response.
    May I ask another question?
    Two years ago when Nancy Pelosi was pleading for a Democratically controlled Congress. She made a promise if this would happen.
    Perhaps you remember her promise.

    It was if you elect a Democratically controlled congress we will solve the energy crisis.

    Do you remember her saying this?
    Do we have a DEmocratically controlled Congress?
    I'm sorry I don't remember her stating a time span in which to come up with this solution. How are the Democrats coming on this problem?

  7. Oh, kids, you're funny, always changing the subject.

    But hey, Dems are coming along fine on that point: building public support, winning more seats this November, getting the oil men away from the veto pen, and electing President Obama to appoint regulatory officials who will listen to science... yeah, I think we're set for some progress. Thanks for asking!

    Oh, and the original point: the Dems will be too busy solving real problems to piddle around taking your shotgun away. And if you're worried about your assualt weapons, well, McCain voted to take them away, too. If guns are your single issue, you face a hard choice, don't you? :-D

  8. Anon, I also remember a west river rancher telling me that John thune would fix our high priced fuel, (1.89 at the time)

    How do you think that is working out for us?

    thanks for your time

  9. Oil Prices are dropping like a rock. It just might happen.

    The NRA is also endorsing Johnson and Herseth-Sandlin. Might be SD Democrats are starting to come around? Or something like that...

  10. Cory, you still did not really address Obama's promise to lower taxes for 95% of people when only around 60% pay income taxes. You talked around it. If someone is already paying 0 income taxes, it means that person would get more back from the gov't to put him even further into the negative taxes paid.

    I'm sure that future hopes for better jobs is not what Obama's promise meant.

    I sincerely would like an explanation of how he is going to lower MY taxes. I'm not rich, I'm not poor, I make way under $250,000 but I pay heavy income taxes. I would defnitely qualify to be in Obama's 95%.

    And how can Obama still be making all his promises when we are in the current financial fiasco? Answer: He doesn't dare say he can't keep all his promises; that would be a deathwise for his campaign.

  11. Oh, and saying guns is an issue that ignores all others is incorrect. Protecting our right to own guns is only part and parcel of protecting the basis of our entire freedoms and way of life, which are in serious danger of being changed irreparably by this election and the events of the past weeks.


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