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Friday, October 17, 2008

Might As Well Go for a Soda.. No! a Pop!

It's the weekend, have a pop! Have a map! Have a pop map! (click for big)Thanks to my friend Patrick for the amazing link! I welcome Mr. Heppler and other cartophiles to offer their opinion of the impact this map may have on the Electoral College. I do find the stark split of Pennsylvania between pop and soda intriguing. Enjoy!


  1. Out in the Boston area, in the mid-1950s, I discovered that there was a part of the country that didn't know what "pop" was, unless one called it "soda."

    I also discovered that there were people that never thought of a jelly donut as a "Bismark."

  2. My grandmother, from Boston, and my mother, from N. Adams, Mass., both called it "tonic." And their favorite kind was "Moxie."

    What a fun map! H. and I spent some time over it, theorizing about why parts of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri were "soda," while the rest seemed solidly "pop."

    I'll always stick out like a sore thumb here--I can't imagine calling soda "pop," and I still call a turn signal a "directional."

    I'd like to see a map of what people call grinders. I mean, heroes. You know, those submarine sandwiches?


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