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Friday, October 17, 2008

More Commercial Political Speech in Madison; Russ Olson Gets Players Vote

Discover the Unexpected™ in Madison? Not at Prostrollo's All-American Auto Mall (or is it All-Republican?):

Randy Schaefer is also a proud supporter of his Republican District 8 Legislative candidates... well, two out of three:

And for my favorite juxtaposition of commerce and politics:

Punch lines are welcome (punch... they do serve punch at Players, don't they?).


  1. I find it ironic that a car dealership would support Russ Olson when he was the prime sponsor of a bill to raise dealer licensing fees (HB1240). http://legis.state.sd.us/sessions/2008/Bills/HB1240ENR.pdf

  2. Comrade Cory:

    Why are you offended when business owners exercise their freedom of speech?

  3. Cory did you read that Joe the
    Plumber may be unlicensed.

    This you better jump on that.

    That should make a good point for Obama's "share the wealth". After all can you trust an unlicensed plumber?

    By the way do our Senators have to be licensed?

  4. Politics is a crap shoot, so it is appropriate to have political signs in front of a Casino.

    I'm surprised Cory hasn't had oodles of info on his old (very old) buddy, Gerry Lange!

  5. There are businesses supporting their political candidates all over Sioux Falls. Madison isn't any different..

  6. Anon 11:47: That's yesterday's news. ;-)

    Anon Comrade! I'm not offended. I'm rather pleased to see businesses willing to speak their mind, contrary to past experience where I have heard business owners say they don't dare show their political opinions for fear of losing business. Now if these businesses would just support the right candidates....

  7. You don't take photos of businesses displaying Democratic Candidate posters like Roy Lindsey of Subway who displays for your candidate, Scott Parsley. Are you trying to say that only Republicans are courageous enough to show their support for local folks who are courageous enough to run for local and state offices? What is your purpose in targeting Republican signs in front of businesses? Let's spread the wealth a little. Oh, wait! That's your other friend, Obama.

  8. Comrade Cory:

    The right candidate is not even running for office. He declined to enter the election.

    If this third party candidate could win the Governor's seat in Minnesota, why not President.

    How could he be any worse than the choices we have now?

    Shake things up he would do, but we only have two Washington insiders to choose from.

  9. Hold on, Anon 5:59: there seems to be a misconception that I'm criticizing the businesses with signs out front. I'm not "targeting" anyone. It's just that the only businesses with signs out front appear to be Republican businesses.

    I am curious as to the general public opinion: is it "safer" to voice support for the GOP than for Dems in Madison's business climate?

    Roy Lindsay's sign for Scott: close, but not quite the same. That vacant lot on the other side of the creek wouldn't jump out at an outside observer as a clear endorsement of Parsley by the Subway shop. That's more like my friend Clara putting up her Obama sign in her yard but not wearing the button on her blouse at her work at Sunshine (which reminds me...).


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