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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Photo of the Week: Totally Cool Obama

Man on a mission—Barack Obama could be President and look good doing it.

[I saw this photo on Huffington Post, but didn't see a credit—if you know the source on this photo, let me know, as that source deserves credit for good work!]


  1. Looks like the Manchurian candidate to me.

  2. Perhaps not the most apt comparison, Anon, given that the other guy was actually a prisoner of foreign Communist brainwashers for 5½ years....

  3. Cory your VP is such a generous person. Seems his donations for 6 years is what Sarah gave in 2.
    Want to check it out?

  4. Well, good for her! Let's put her in charge of the Wasilla Salvation Army and give Biden and Obama the job they are qualified for: running the country.

  5. And maybe Sarah Palin gave donated some of that money to women's groups to help pay for rape kits... while that darn Joe Biden sat around in Washington passing legislation like the Violence Against Women Act, and while Obama made sure Illinois reimbursed rape victims for such expenses.

    Plus, Obama looks sharp in those sunglasses. ;-)

  6. Being a totured POW does not make a person a communist or socialist - ridiculous and totally uncalled for attack on POW's.

    BUT, Obama's sudden rise to power paid for and sponsored by radical leftists does make one wonder. How come no one can find Obama's college thesis, for instance - what was that all about?

    Reasons NOT to vote for Obama:
    1. Little or no experience.
    2. Lack of vetting on important issues. Too many unaswered questions about him, his past associations, and his quick rise to power. His ties to Acorn and his training of their intimidation techniques (which helped lead to the present economic crisis).
    3. His "tax cut" numbers do not add up.
    4. His proposed economic policies will make the country's economy worse.
    5. Great oratorical skills (and a good teleprompter!) do not a good President make!

    Vote McCain/Palin. We know all the facts about them - they aren't hiding anything. No surprises after election with this ticket.

    And importantly, McCain has honestly said that if elected he won't raise spending (except for our necessary defense and veterans), but Obama has said if elected he won't cut back any of his promises, even in this time of financial instability.

    There is only one choice viewed in this light, and that is McCain/Palin. They have no hidden agenda.

  7. Oh, good night. I reply to an absurd movie comment with a note about plot parallels, and now I'm attacking POWs? Let's all take the blinders off and just have a good laugh, o.k.?

  8. anon 9:51am as reponse to your #5. Great oratorical skills (and a good teleprompter!) do not a good President make! what are you YODA or something.

    "strong in the force is he"

    Yeah I would much rather have a blubering idiot that gets caught swearing on a live microphone or has a enough "isms" quoted to him to write a book.

    As for picking on POW's I remember alot of Lefties and Righties mocking Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale who was a true American Hero when he ran as Ross Perots VP candidate. It was ok then but oh no not now since we have John Maverick McCain running. Admiral Stockdale the longest held POW in Vietnam never once used that card on voters. McCain has used his POW card all through his career from when he was first elected and challenged as being a carpetbagger his response was something like the longest I have ever lived anywhere was when I was a POW in Vietnam. Now again he continues to use images of himself when he was being freed as a POW.

  9. http://www.breitbart.tv/?p=158353

    watch and be shocked about obomo

  10. I'd be shocked... if the Clinton campaign hadn't already floated this baloney during the primary season, and if Senator Obama hadn't already rebutted it... in April. Ho-hum....

  11. He looks like he's posing.
    That's the only stance he'll take!

    This is about as shallow as Bill Maher.


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