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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Russell Olson Spending $60K on State Senate Campaign

Campaign finance reports are coming in to Secretary Nelson's office. Scott Delzer has already submitted Russell Olson's [PDF]. Russ's campaign contributions so far (in-kind and cash): $59,984.25. That includes $10K from the state Republican party and another $10K from a couple other statewide Republican election committees (if I'm reading the report correctly). He's already burned up $37K on ads (putting your face on billboards is not cheap)... but he has another $22K left to spend. Expect your mailbox to be full.

More to come....


  1. Good, cause so far all that has been filling my mailbox is crap from Parsley.

  2. Are you saying that Scott Parsley is behind on filing his spending report or where are his numbers? The Democratic Party has certainly greased his coffers with cash as have other lobbying interests. Russ Olson knows he has a battle and he's fighting hard. It takes money to wage a successful campaign, so it speaks volumes about his popularity with folks from both sides of the aisle. Good for Russ! We're proud of him.

  3. Are you going to get on Obama's case as well for the completely over the top spending he is doing? And BTW there are a lot of anonymous donors to his campaign. Wonder who they are?

  4. Oh please stop the Russ Olson love fest. His mug was in the paper along with Dusty Johnson's talk on economic development. What have these back slappers done for Madison? Look around. We haven't had a new employer in years. They just talk each other up. It's a disgrace.

  5. Don't anyone forget this is Cory's blog.
    He has a right to swing his opinion anyway he wants. Annonymous 7;54 that means in his original post, he is at this time only referring to the State race.
    So there's no use trying to corner him on the Presidential race. That would be like "accidentally" catching Mr. Obama saying "he wants to spread the wealth around". I know I can sure use some of his wealth. Then Mr. Obama would be forced to share his wealth rather than give to charities voluntarily. Which I hear he and Mr. Biden have been so generous at doing.
    Isn't there a saying? "Do as I say, not as I do."
    You can thank me later Cory.

  6. That sure seems like a lot of money, but Parsley is popular among die-hard Dems, so why not. Olson's not going to sit back and watch. At least Olson isn't afraid to cross party lines. Parley is totally engrained Democrat tunnel vision. Young version of Andy Wiese.

  7. The amount of money needed to be spent on all campaigns is obscene. The length of campaigns, amount of ads and TV spots allowed should be limited. All candidates should be given a certain amount of money and certain number of ad spots, and that's it.

    McCain-Feingold doesn't work either. At least McCain kept his word about campaign spending, while saintly Obama lied, recanted, whatever and is collecting money hand over fist and spending. Maybe this is how he is "spreading the wealth!" At least it's his own wealth and not mine yet.

    And I disagree. If a person disagrees with spending on local campaigns, he should disagree with spending on all campaigns. It is the same issue actually.

  8. Russ is a nice guy but what has he done in Pierre, other than hand out a few high fives for taking out Lange? Parsley strikes me as alot smarter and motivated.

    p.s. Russ please take your signs down after the election. You sitll have signs out there from 06.

  9. You know, kids, this would be a lot more fun if you'd tell us who you are.

    Also funny: if some of you are so pro-Russ, how come you're ashamed to put your names behind that support here? For all we know, all the pro-Russ comments here are just Darin Namken or one of CreditSoup kids typing away. (I guarantee, any anti-Russ comments I make will have my name on them.)

    How about a conversation where we know who's saying what?

  10. Cory, if there is one good thing about being anonymous, people will type what they have on their mind. Otherwise they might just push the keyboard away. I have seen first hand how some kids have paid the price for things their parents say/type. This was from teachers right here at Madison Central. So, to an extent, I can see why they want to be anonymous. I'm sure you are able too compare posts using IP adresses.

  11. Sorry for the 4th days take here, and being a little off subject, but...

    I thought it was interesting to see republican Dusty Johnson using the word progressive as a compliment.

  12. Ok kids, I voted early today with some hope Scott Parsley can begin to balance things out. Although tired of signs I pushed Barrack Obama back in South Dakota earth for these last few days. JOHN HESS

  13. Oh, Anon, quit living in fear. Who's going to punish you for voting for Russ? If your kids are being done wrong, speak up, name names, and raise heck. I have a daughter. She'll go to public school at some point. If I get even the slightest hint that any teacher or coach or anyone else in this town is taking out their political disagreement with me on my daughter, I will call them out, publicly, by name. You should, too.

    Besides, I'm not terribly interested in monitoring IPs on every comment. Just leave your name. I do. Every time.

    And don't forget: those filings are due in Secretary Nelson's hands by 5 p.m. today!

  14. Um, I did not say that it was my kid, so noone to call out on it. Oh, by the way, I got another Parsley thing in the mail again today. Thats like 10 to 1 for Parsley.

  15. Sometimes you vote for someone because they are very resourceful and I believe that is the case with Russ Olson. Who cares how much money he's raising. That is only one measurement of his popularity. The other litmus test is his ability to help constituents, both Democrat and Republican. Russ has made valuable connections, working with the Governor's Office of Economic Development, working for LAIC in Madison and now working with Heartland Consumers Power District. He works well with people and has been effective as a liason, bringing help to those who need it, both in our District and in Pierre. I'm certainly not anti-Parsley, but see no reason not to support Russ Olson in his bid for a State Senate seat. He's done good things for us and will continue to grow as a public servant.

  16. Vote for Russ - he's a well connected lap dog

  17. A kiss of death, Rod Goeman just endorsed Russ.


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