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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Campaign Readings

Some Saturday readings on the Presidential race:


  1. "This guy is the furthest thing imaginable from an extremist." The article was talking about his demeanor, not necessarily his views or the company he keeps.

    The right-wing equivalent of the real bomb-thrower in Obama's life would be, say, a radical pro-lifer who blows up an abortion clinic. If McCain held a fund-raiser in the home of such people, you would be all over it...and it would give me reason enough not to vote for him.

    Terrorism is terrorism. And Obama's links to home-grown extremists are not as tenuous and random and he wants us to believe.

    I find it interesting that hordes of reporters have been in Alaska trying to find out about what Palin did on the Wasilla Council, but almost no one is following up, or even fact-checking, new National Review reports about Obama and Ayres and Dohrn. Don't need to ask why that is...they are probably afraid that the fact-checks would show truth.

    But you can bet if McCain were connected to a clinic bomber, it would be front-page, 24-7 news -- as it should be.

  2. Under McCain's health-care proposal, I would benefit because, as a sole proprietor, I pay for my own insurance with after-tax dollars. Because it would tax employer-based health insurance as income, McCain's plan would get rid of the discrimination that now exists against the self-employed.

    Nevertheless, the very idea of taxing employer-based health benefits is a "bitter pill." Joe Biden called it "the ultimate bridge to nowhere" in his debate with Sarah Palin. Barack Obama only mentioned it briefly in his debate with John McCain.

    Neither McCain nor Palin replied to these remarks, if I recall correctly. And for good reason: It is a horrible idea. Even if I would get the better side of it, I still think it's a non-starter and does damage to the McCain platform. I wish he'd give it up.

    More directly on topic, Do I think Obama is an extremist? No. Do I think he has associated with extremists? Yes.

  3. mustbekidding, you hit the nail on the head. If McCain was even remotely connected to any radicals the way Obama is INTIMATELY connected to them, we would never hear the end of it. Just like if a republican could be blamed for the credit failure he would already have been crucified by the far left. It always seems to work that way. Is Obama an extremist? yes. is he married to an extremist? yes. Look, no matter how you slice it, he can deny any connections or friendships that he likes, but he can not deny that he listened to J. Wright spew garbage for twenty years, and you JUST DON'T sit and listen to someone that you disagree with for that long. And more importantly, a man of sound morals and possessing good judgement certainly doesn't expose his children to that dung, unless that is, he belives in it. I think before we rely on foreigners to pick our president, we should use the internet for something a little more useful; like research into EXACTLY WHO THIS MAN IS, because trust me , you have no idea.


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