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Monday, October 20, 2008

South Dakota Leaning? Show Me That Ouija Board

NBC moves South Dakota from its "Likely McCain" to "Leaning McCain" column, meaning we have shifted from red to pink. NBC notes its map is not poll-driven; evidently they have other ways of divining the mood of the electorate.

But whatever they're using—polls, chats with Dave Kranz and Stacy Steinhagen, Ouija board—I want to see it to believe it. Heck, I'll be happy just to see Obama beat the 60-40 spread Clinton beat him by here in Lake County.

Of course, applying the famous Schaff methodology, Obama signs do outnumber McCain signs here in Madison. Maybe, just maybe...

But seriously, does anyone see McCain's support eroding in South Dakota?


  1. "But seriously, does anyone see McCain's support eroding in South Dakota?"

    I do. But not enough to turn the state blue.

  2. In your dreams!

  3. Does Biden WANT Obama to win? I can't believe he even talked about this...

    How is this a good thing?


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