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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vote Against Big Government -- Vote No on IM11

DakotaWomen is (are?) doing fine work on covering the confusion, contradictions, and outright lies coming from the radical theocrats and other deluded souls who want to purge their personal demons by making women second-class citizens with Initiated Measure 11. If you want to understand why Initiated Measure 11 will hurt women and fail to stop abortion, keep an eye on DakotaWomen over the next four weeks.

And even if you are a good traditional conservative, South Dakota Healthy Families has a great political argument for why you should vote No on 11:

That's exactly the philosophy that used to get me to vote Republican... until the Republicans abandoned their intellectual birthright.

Vote No on 11: It's bad medicine and bad government.


  1. Passing Initiate Measure 11 which bans abortion in South Dakota would solve nothing. It is like Janklow's old plan of sending criminals to California and ordering them never to come back to South Dakota. Makes you feel like you did something, but does nothing. This measure will never pass because is flies in the face of South Dakota's independent spirit of choice and it doesn't change anything. Those who want an abortion will simply travel for an hour or two to another state. Like Janklow's old "send the criminals somewhere else" philosophy, those who vote for IM11 will slap themselves on the back and say "look what we did" and not realize they did nothing.

  2. "look what we did"—exactly. IM11 is politics of narcissism and moral grandstanding, not effective policy-making.

  3. As a physician in South Dakota, I consider it bad medicine to take the the life of a baby. I have delivered hundreds of South Dakotans children.

    This commercial is an absolute lie. There is nothing in IM11 that would hinder a physician, NP, PA, clinic or hospital from aggressively treating ANY of the illnesses listed.

    Actually, it would be negligence to not treat. Just because someone has these illnesses does not mean they automatically need to abort. That is what they are trying to imply.

    They should at least have to stick to facts and not myths.

  4. That's funny: since when does South Dakota hand out medical licenses to people with no name?

  5. So, Dr. Anonymous, you'd risk jail and loss of your license to help sick or dying women, but at the same time, you don't respect them enough to trust them with their own decisions?

    Yeah, right.

  6. Ok, how about this: A woman who becomes pregnant chooses to have an abortion, despite her partner's desire to keep the baby. If both the man and woman are parents to the baby, and the woman decides to have the abortion, isn't this supporting the idea that the man in this position is a second-class citizen?

    Abortion seems to be becoming more of a supported issue than not, with strong arguments relating to the woman's choice. Some believe that it's the woman's body that is "suffering," therefore it should be her choice whether to terminate the pregnancy or not. With that said, I think we can all agree that men and women know the consequences of having sexual intercourse, even with precautionary measures. When did conceiving a child become something that is so outlandish and unfair? Have many of you been struck by denial? With certain cases aside, women are not a victim to pregnancy... we all know what can happen when we choose to have sex!

    I do agree that banning abortion is not the answer right now, as there is not enough financial support for single moms or low-income households. But I think the support for killing an unborn child is getting a bit out of hand, as it now challenges the dedication pro-choice supporters have for their political party. WE SHOULD NOT MEASURE ONE'S DEGREE OF POLITICISM BY THEIR STANCE ON ABORTION.
    Women: I wish us all to become a little bit smarter and courageous than the "trendy" feminist that forgets about a living baby. Instead of supporting abortion to maintain an equal or higher level of our "opposing" gender, maybe we should explore the most selfless option: adoption. This might take some emotional exploration though, and I'm not sure many democrats are ready for that.

    I agree that banning abortion would put many women in danger, as abortions would be attempted illegally at high risk. However, let's try to support our society in making a neutral stand to prevent abortions, support low-income and single families, and teach younger generations that having sex with partners that are undesirable parents can establish a very difficult situaiton. Really, is having an abortion as simple and thoughtless as many are making it to seem? Three of my friends could attest to the emotional hardships that were not expected after having abortions. And two of them have admitted the regret they feel toward their decisions. Whether a person chooses abortion, adoption, or raising a child, there is no easy way out of the consequences of pregnancy.

    As a mother, wife, and democrat who seeks healthcare coverage for all Americans, better education, and world peace, I do not support abortion.

    I'm standing up for both men and women, and the right to call myself anonymous. :)

  7. The Doctor is right! Actually It doesn't even take a doctor to figure out within two seconds that this video is completely bogus. This video is demeaning to fellow South Dakotans to even think that they would believe any of the lies! Take another shot in producing a video that has a little truth in it!

  8. Anon 12:13: Men as second-class citizens? No. The man isn't carrying the baby. He may want it, but the woman has to do the work. That unavoidable biological difference means there are different fundamental rights involved. It's not about the woman being a "victim"; it's about a woman having the same autonomy over her body as a man. A man's bodily autonomy is not involved in decisions about preganancy.

    dakotavalues: nice to see you fixed your caps key.

  9. Is there anyway we can get Cory elected into office for some of current elected officials(Roger Hunt-Larry Long) at least I have not had to look at any of the pro-life zealots on street corners barking at everyone within shouting distance. Thanks Cory!

  10. Come on Cory, a woman has a different anatomy than a man... why should we strive to reach something that is absolutely impossible and biologically wrong? Why do so many people think that the gift of child bearing is a choice?! If we are born a woman, we know that if we engage in sexual intercourse, we may get pregnant.
    Since you raise a point of women being able to have the same anatomical choices as men, should science embark on a mission to allow men to carry unborn children? The point isn't to get women to be as equal to men in the biological sense, and it shouldn't be the other way around either.
    Biology shouldn't be something we regret or try to change. We are women; most of us have boobs, ovaries, and a uterus. If you think it's unfair that we have to suffer the consequences of having these body parts, you should then be supporting research to eventually make us all one gender. That way, men would also have a choice in bearing the children that a woman may choose to abort.


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