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Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote Yes for Life Breaks Law, Spends Dirty Money

Kudos to DakotaWomen for breaking this one: Vote Yes for Life, the group committed to putting abortion bans on every ballot until the Second Coming, has violated South Dakota campaign finance law by accepting and spending anonymous contributions. The main supporters of Initiated Measure 11 reported $11,300 in anonymous contributions on their pre-general campaign finance report. Anonymous contributions are illegal and must be refused or handed over to a nonprofit charitable organization (SDCL 12-27-11).

Terry Woster reports Vote Yes for Life "won't keep" the contributions, but VYfL only has $5,041.16 in cash on hand, and it's in debt another $7,530.59.

"Won't keep" the money? They've already spent it! That's a Class 2 misdemeanor: 30 days in jail, $500 fine, maybe both.

Cuffs for Brandi Gruis! Say it with me, kids: Perp walk! Perp walk!


  1. But it's OK to have anonymous donors to other causes, and it's OK for Obama to have donors listed with completely incorrect names like Bin Laden, Dela Ware, etc?!

  2. This will be a good test for Chris Nelson-Sec of State, and Larry Long-Attorney General and how they will handle this blatant violation of SD Codified Law. Regardless of the issue, candidate or initiative, we need to make an example, show the consequences of not following election laws in South Dakota.

  3. Good article Corey! I like how KELO said that the charities they donate to can use the money ANY way they want. Meaning that since the campaign doesn't have the money to give back, you know this was a transaction on paper only. "We'll pay you xx dollars if you give us the same xx dollars back". A charity shouldn't support any type of campaign. They exist to help people, not further their political careers.


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