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Monday, November 17, 2008

America Promotes Democracy by Electing Obama

I have found it ironic that some critics and Rush Limbaugh-wannabes have mockingly called Obama the "Messiah," when America itself has from its inception often acted with a messianic sense of divine calling to save the world. The GOP spoke as much about "American exceptionalism" as anyone else this fall. Almost all of us see America as something special, as a nation with a unique potential to do good in the world.

That view usually leads our global neighbors to roll their eyes and mutter "Hypocrites" in various accents. America isn't the savior of democracy, they scorn from behind their baguettes. But the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency of the United States is already causing some of our European skeptics to wonder if maybe America can talk the talk and walk the walk of democracy:

Many French say that American exceptionalism must now be considered through other lenses. The neoconservative impulse in Washington in recent years, described by retired Army Col. Andrew Bacevich in his new book, "Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism," is associated with an evangelical passion to spread democracy, to "remake" the world, by force if necessary. But after Nov. 4, the New World example is taking on the meaning of President Lincoln's "last, best hope of earth," or Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of a country that evokes universal values by example at home [Robert Marquand, "For Europe, Obama Revives Positive Image of America's Unique Identity," Christian Science Monitor, 2008.11.17].

From the same article, more remarkable words from our friends (really!) in France:

"The Americans were choosing not just a president, but an identity," says [French writer Dominique] Moisi. "And that forces us to choose as well. Now we have to define ourselves without resort to anti-Americanism. That's something new."

"The decline of representative democracy is not irreversible," adds Zaki Laidi, a French intellectual writing in Le Monde.

Hm. Not even in office yet, and already promoting democracy, equality, and pro-American sentiment around the world. And he didn't have to order a single soldier into battle to do it. Good work, Mr. Obama... and good work, America.


  1. Okay, it's time for me to look through one of my more exotic telescopes, at the risk of getting a black eye. Maybe I'm not very well-read, but I haven't yet come across this view.

    Cory, I notice that you make a point of mentioning Barack Obama's middle name; I suspect that's because you figure it's nothing to be afraid of on our part (and I agree). It might indeed be true that Barack Hussein Obama has some muslim relatives and ancestors. He has been acquainted with a few terroristic types. People use these notions in an attempt to paint a dark picture of this man. May I suggest an alternative?

    Who among us has not associated with some less-than-honorable characters in our lifetimes? Who among us does not have some less-than-honorable relatives or ancestors?

    I mean, look at my last name. Look at all my Sicilian ancestors. My dad's first name is Joseph (a la Stalin), as is our Vice-President-elect's first name. So what?

    Hypothesis: Barack Obama's Muslim relations or ancestors (if he has any) or shady past acquaintances can serve as a decided asset in his role as leader of the free world. I can hear the guns rattling even as I write this. But hold on. Don't we need someone who has a clue about how our enemies actually think? What motivates them? They certainly are a bad lot of folks, but to dismiss them as somehow subhuman and then ask rhetorical questions such as "Why don't we just kill them all?" is a policy doomed to failure. Such tactics have been tried by various powerful leaders throughout history, and these agendas have never brought the world anything but more poverty, hunger, misery, disease, and death.

    If we have a President who actually knows what goes through the minds of Muslims and terrorists (not to imply a direct connection between the two), he might have a good shot at doing something against our most dangerous enemies that actually works. Ultimately, the real test is in the living: Will our policies and actions reduce or eliminate the threats we face, or not? I submit that the current administration came out swinging, but blindly and with blunt instruments. What we need is a social doctor with good eyes and a scalpel, not gross astigmatism and a hatchet. It's "brain surgery" we're talking about here. I submit that Barack Obama may be the best "brain surgeon" that remains standing today from the dozen-plus original Presidential candidates. Take out the tumor, but leave the healthy part of the organism unharmed ...

    Having committed my daily Bidenism, I shall power down and get back to the life of an ordinary scrivener.

  2. Cory, When has it been a goal of yours to make family decisions based on how your conservative friends thought of you?

    But you DO make decisions, that effect every American, based on how other countries view America! But luckily, you voted representatives in, who you rely in, to carry on this faulty legacy.

    Smooth Move Exlax!

  3. Stan... Stan! Remarkable.

    --You suspect correctly about my use of President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama's full name. I'm glad I'm coming through loudly and clearly (unlike "cory callis," who just comes through loudly).

    --Associations: indeed, indeed! We all have friends in low places (if any of us dare presume not to be in low places ourselves). The proper response (imagine this with Sicilian accent): "What's it to ya?"

    --Obama's ability to communicate with and understand "others" was one of the substantial characteristics that helped me justify putting Obama next to Kucinich on my bumper. A "social doctor" to perform global "brain surgery" -- that's some of the best commentary I've heard here.

    Ha -- who says the comments never have anything good? Nice work, Stan!


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