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Monday, November 3, 2008

City Commission: No Fences, Just Sewer

Even though it has nothing on tomorrow's ballot, Madison city government toodles along. The city commission meets tonight... and alas, they won't be discussing the proposed fence ordinance (#1468) that got first reading last week. On tonight's agenda (PDF alert!), just a sewer study, alley improvement, airport board, the usual hires (the Community Center is a heck of a jobs program, don't you think?), final approval of the sign switch on Union and SW 3rd... nothing too provocative.

But keep your eyes on the agenda: the fence ordinance will pop up soon enough, and it might even draw some citizen participation... which we all love. Also watch for the latest developments in the TIF district we approved last year: Randy Schaefer petitioned for some rezoning last week to allow the addition of "retail/service/personal storage buildings" out back of the Schaefer Plaza. Perhaps some extra storage space and a nice neighborhood bookshop for the folks who move into the TIF District houses? We shall see....


  1. There are 15 houses (31%) on the market below $125k. Mayor Hexom's house is still $199k, and isn't that Russ Olson's cabin at $99k. Better lower the price before more job losses and Randy's tif town, and cash out.

  2. Anon 8:32AM...Sounds like the sky is falling, Henny Penny!

    This "move your fence" issue is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, asking families to move their fence so the meter reader can get in your back yard? If it is a problem, talk to the few who have locked gates, warped gates or mean dogs, but don't punish the 95% who keep their snow clear, their gates working and who also appreciate the privacy, security and safety their fence provides.

    If Randy Schaefer wants to put up a couple of more buildings and a bunch of storage sheds next to his new TIFville development and the Second Street Diner, go for it. He already smoked the city out of 300 Grand. Schaefer might be the development savior we've all been waiting for.

  3. For my feelings on this subject, please refer to RealMadison.org. I keep telling people that our meetings are open to the public and we certainly welcome all of you to "speak your piece." Many would benefit from personally being at the discussion. That way you would not get so "bent out of shape" when you react to media coverage. To to the source and stop being so defeatist.

  4. From what I heard, the meeting to go to will be next week. I already have it schedule in my day planner! Wahoo!

  5. That's what I hear, too: first reading, then two weeks' wait, then second reading, right? I couldn't agree more: the more people who attend the meetings, the better! (And if you'd all like to blog about it directly on RealMadison.org, even better! ;-) )

  6. Julie Lavin, of Almost Home Canine Rescue is coordinating a group to attend Monday night's meeting on November 10th at 5:30. If you are concerned or have a fence that would be affected, please contact Julie at jlavin6@sio.midco.net and make sure you contact your City Commissioners, Dick Ericsson, Karen Lembcke, Dan Bohl, Scott Delzer and Mayor Gene Hexom to express your thoughts prior to Monday night's meeting at City Hall.

  7. Does anyone know how this turned out last night at the meeting?

  8. On fences, the room last night was packed! The city commission willingly removed "maintain" from the ordinance. Never have I seen so many people there. Encouraging to think people might be willing to get together on other issues. jh


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