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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Updating: District 8 Legislative Race, Ballot Q's...

District 8 is done! 29 out of 29 precincts reporting:

Senate: Olson 5802, Parsley 4690

House: Fargen 5066, Lange 4750, Johnson 4467, Stricherz 3303

...and with 708 out of 799 precincts reporting statewide as I head to bed, the vote is No on every Amendment and Initiative... except for Amendment I, to extend the even-year legislative session.

(The 2006 abortion ban lost 55.6% to 44.4%. The 2008 abortion ban is losing 55.0% to 45.0%. Even if every remaining vote in the remaining 91 unreported precincts voted Yes, IM11 would still fail.)
...Lake County Commission is all counted up: Republicans Giles, Hageman, and Bohl win, although Bohl comes in just 25 votes ahead of Johannsen—recount is possible!


  1. Pending a recount, with Dan Bohl's pending departure from the City Commission, hopefully they will appoint Monica Campbell to fill Bohl's City Commission seat in January. No deck of cards, just appoint her and let her serve.

  2. Wow, what a turnover at the County level! The people have spoken and it is out with the old and in with the new, with Bert Verhey being the only incumbent left on the Lake County Commission. Maybe with four new commissioners, we can move the meeting time to 5pm on Tuesdays so more of us can attend without missing work. This is good for Lake County and the new crew can move our county out of its hole.

  3. Interesting stats on the abortion initiative. Does that mean that South Dakotans want an abortion ban with FEWER exceptions instead of MORE exceptions?

  4. I think give up the abortion ban fight for awhile. Concentrate on Orphans and Homeless.

  5. I was sad to learn that Jerry Johnson did not get elected to the House. The City would be wise to appoint Jerry to fill out Dan Bohl's term once he becomes a county commissioner. Then, you have experience. Otherwise, Karen is the only commissioner with any experience at the city.


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