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Friday, November 7, 2008

Español, Shaky Support, Obama and Ammo: Fun with the Local Paper

Here are some photos from Wednesday's... creatively designed Madison Daily Leader, as discussed here earlier! (Click each image for a larger view.)

That Elección 2008 banner made the front page
as well as the inside. No word on whether
we've improved subscription rates in Tijuana.

What fontset did the letters for "Support"
come from—Car Wreck?

Not prosecutable, but if I were a Secret
Service agent, I couldn't help giving this
page a second look.


  1. Comrade:

    The Gene Anderson ad looks like one of those computer glitches. WHen the Leader constructs its pages on the computer, the graphic artist looks at a computer screen. THe page is outputted directly onto a press plate. Sometimes, fonts can have issues in between output devices.

  2. The last thing Republicans would want would be Obama becoming a martyr.
    If such a horrible thing would happen..the first you should do is check Hillary's fingers for powder burns.

  3. What was there to think through....And what are you impling about the placement of the ads? Having fun poking at someone regarding placement of ads is one thing, but if your implication is anything other than fun, than shame on you! And to Comrade, thanks for shedding light on Gene's font issue. It's refreshing to read a comment that is true, and correct!

  4. The thing I don't get is that Elección 2008 banner.

    I can see the font issue, and the ammo thing is just happenstance.

    But the use of Spanish? Seems like someone just found some clip art and threw it in without really looking at it.

  5. I happen to know that the Leader's awesome prepress guy just left, and I'm not sure if they have a replacement yet...


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