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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Join Obama's Cabinet: Apply Online!

Do you enjoy working in a high-pressure environment with no job security? Do you enjoy total public scrutiny and the fate of the free world hanging on your every decision? Then you should work for the Obama Administration! And you can apply online now!

I kid you not: Barack Obama has set up a new website: Change.gov: The Office of the President-Elect. Among the primary links, "Jobs," where you can apply for a non-career position in the White House or any Federal Department, Agency, or Commission. This isn't just a frill: applicants are told they "should use this website, as applying on-line is the fastest and most accurate way to get your information to us."

Also among the primary links at Change.gov:
  • America Serves, touting Obama's call to service from all Americans, young and old;
  • American Moment, an open call for citizens to propose policies they want the new administration to pursue.
Placing these particular links in the main menu of the website sends a clear message that the Obama Administration will be as serious as the Obama campaign was about getting citizens involved (and using the Web to do it).

The wiki-candidate is clearly on his way to becoming the wiki-President. Fellow Web-heads, be excited (and submit your résumés!).

And on the lighter side (if anything in this profound moment in history can feel light), check out the behind-the-scenes photos on Barack Obama's Election Night flickr album.

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