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Monday, November 10, 2008

McCain Was Right: Obama Meets Dictator Without Preconditions

President George W. Bush speaks with President-Elect
Barack H. Obama in the Oval Office November 10, 2008.
[Photo credit: AFP/White House: Eric Draper]
[Joke credit: TPM's Josh Marshall, who got the idea from a reader.]


  1. What a despicable comment.

  2. Many times I disagree with Cory, but not on this. Under a more compliant set of circumstances, this is exactly the propensity of George Bush. And what role would Dick Cheney have played? John Hess

  3. I have a certain insight from my great uncle Rudolph. jh

  4. Let's show some respect for the office of President of the United States. This is a transition period and we need to show respect for the outgoing President, while welcoming the incoming President. We elected Bush twice and Obama once, so there's proof that we do make errors in judgement. Obama's are yet to be known.

  5. There was just a comment on the news that that are signs that Obama's reign could be more of a dictatorship actually. The poster is right when he says time will tell, but I believe there is much more danger of this with Obama and his and his supporters idea of his "messiah-ship." If he tries to impose the un-fairness doctrine, this will be the first step.

    Obama is the one now stating he will use executive orders to mandate social change. What ever happened to balance of power if this happens?

  6. Anon 6:11: Executive orders? Chuckle. Obama actually wants to restore the balance of power by undoing a bunch of the executive orders Bush imposed:

    "One reason Bush became so overwhelmingly unpopular in his last term of office was his arrogant assertion of presidential authority through executive orders intended to bypass Congress. To his credit, Obama said in his campaign that if he were elected, he would have his attorney general review all of Bush's uses of executive powers with a special eye to those that 'trample on liberty.'

    "That review can't begin soon enough. At last count Bush had enacted 23 executive orders in 2008, and more than 100 in his second term of office."

    —"Editorial: Undoing Bush's Executive Orders," Mercury News, San Jose, CA, 2008.11.10]

  7. We entered Iraq who was a minimal threat with false information. Then the prisons without trials, torture, and wire taps, but it was so important for us not to leave until we could hold our head high. I'm sickened when I think of all the US soldiers returning home with needless war injuries for their lifetime. Had just a portion of those resources been used in Afghanistan we would have eliminated Bin Laden. As it is, he may be a continued threat. Less important is the effects the war has had on our economy, but take a look at our overall situation. The problems that are being passed to Obama (and us) seem almost insurmountable. How much respect does George Bush really deserve? John Hess

  8. Yeah, what John said!

    Thank you and good morning, John! Oh, and silly me -- I didn't get that Rudolph reference until just a minute ago. ;-)

  9. Just went to see what executive orders are so horrendous.

    Stem cell research? There are now new methods to use stem cells other than from discarded embryos that are even more successful.

    Regarding drilling, there will be none under Obama. So what are we supposed to do with the cars we now have - scrap them?? Ha! Buy foreign oil? Thought Obama wanted less dependence on foreign oil. But drill in our own country, never according to Dems.

    Guantanamo? Heard that Obama is going to have them all tried in US courts. That's a wonderful use of our 0 economy and our already tied-up courts. Or maybe he will just sing kumbaya and tell them he loves them and send them home, saying don't hurt us anymore, and they will love us in turn. Yeah, right.

    And you didn't touch on the fairness doctrine, which is blatantly unconstitutional. Of course, that doesn't rank as being dictatorial in Dems minds.

  10. Cory stated,"At last count Bush had enacted 23 executive orders in 2008, and more than 100 in his second term of office."

    He doesn't even come close to Carter, who had 321 in four years!

    And Clinton? During his two terms as president, he averaged about one executive order each week.

    During their last months in office, Carter added about 24,500 pages of last-minute regulations. But Clinton beat that record with over 30,000 pages of new regulations in the last 90 days.

    I don't think Bush can beat those two if he tried!




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