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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Advent Conspiracy: Make Christmas Meaningful

Hat-tip to fellow conspirator BartBlog!

Americans spend $450 billion each year on Christmas, says this video from the Advent Conspiracy. That money could bail out an awful lot of automakers. It could also do a lot of the Lord's work, like saving the lives of 1.4 million children a year with clean water.

Some Christians conspire to sneak creationism into high school science books. Some Christians conspire to "worship fully, spend less, give more," and spread the basic, practical, live-saving love that Jesus actually talked about. Take your pick; I say the latter is Good News I'm happy to spread. Share the link!

Some fishers of red herrings think I don't like arguments that bring people closer to God. Har har. To the contrary: I agree with the Advent Conspiracy that the world would be better off if more people spent Christmas getting closer to God than to Gordmans.


  1. This Advent our parish is taking a special collection to donate cash for the purchase of mosquito nets for the beds of children at the mission in India our Priest used to teach at. Malaria is a terrible disease that is easily prevented by a simple net. The children who are infected sometimes take years to be cured and fall far behind their contemporaries in school. It can have a lifelong negative effect.

    Thanks for this post Cory. It is a message we all need to hear.

  2. Merry Christmas my friend!

  3. Well, the economy isn't getting rich off me this year. We don't go all out on gifts within our own family, and in my extended family we years ago quit exchanging gifts. We have a white elephant exchange and spend the year looking for the most ridiculous, ostentatious, weird, rummage sale or thrift store items we can find to exchange at Christmas, and have a ball opening them. We all have more stuff than we need anyway.

    And we all donate to charities of one sort or another around this time which is more gratifying than adding to our own stores of stuff.

    It really is more rewarding to give than get, especially at Christmas. And the highlight for our family is really the getting together which gets harder and harder as kids grow up and move farther away.


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