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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Call Internet Plumber: Comment RSS Plugged!

Hey, commenters, sorry to leave you hanging! For the past week, the "Recent Comments" feed in the upper right hand corner hasn't been refreshing. Bummer! I enjoy seeing your updates pop up there. Your comments are posting fine in each regular comment section. Only the comment RSS appears to be malfunctioning. I'll whack the Tubes with my e-monkey wrench a few times, see if I can get those comments flowing again. We appreciate your patience in these challenging times. ;-)

Update 11:35 CST: I'm not the only one! Other Blogger users have discovered that some coding cuts off the feed after 5000 comments. Interesting... though I note that my feed appears to have cut off in September, while the sidebar comment widget didn't cut off until last week.

Either way, it's rather amusing to think you folks have bothered to shout at me over 5,000 times. Thanks! And keep those shouts coming....


  1. I'm using MessageDance.com to create a workaround feed, since my Blogger comment RSS is still jammed.

  2. Uh oh! I'm having trouble truncating the comments in the feed without cutting off HTML. But if I escape the HTML, I lose the opening link to the original post. Suggestions?

  3. Google Blogger has fixed the problem! No more clunky workaround! Yay!


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