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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Obama Quote du Jour: "Valuing Intellectual Achievement"

Call the new Obama White House "Revenge of the Nerds":
And then there's this gem from Obama's announcement of his appointment of Arne Duncan to the Department of Education:

If we can get young people focused on education, if we can change our culture so we are once again valuing intellectual achievement, if we pull together in making our schools better, that is going to be the single biggest determinant in how our economy does long-term. [emphasis mine; President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama, press conference, Chicago, 2008.12.16]

Anti-intellectuals, sit down. Kids, hit the books! It's time to value brain power!


  1. Obama got that right. But one experimentalist (entrepreneur, worker, or consumer) can sometimes prove a dozen theorists (eggheads) wrong -- even a wonk like me, with a theory like this.

  2. As a dedicated theorist, I'll point out that good experiments require good scientific brains and training as well.

    Motto #1 in Obama's America: "Yes we can!"

    Motto #2: "Study hard!"

  3. Hear, hear ye, on Motto #2! There is no other way, my friends.


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