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Thursday, December 18, 2008

SD Ag Dept Offers Grants for New Farmers Markets

South Dakota's Department of Agriculture isn't totally focused on helping the big players in the ag-industrial complex. An eager reader points to SDDA's announcement of some federal grant money it is administering to support the creation of new farmers' markets in South Dakota. The grants are dollar-for-dollar matching funds to help cover start-up costs, market research, buying lumber for your produce stands, whatever. Current farmers' markets can also apply for matching funds to support their operations.

It's not big money: grants are capped at $1000. This while Canistota industrial farmer Brian Randall pulls in over $200,000 a year in federal subsidies.

But hey, a thousand bucks is better than nothing! Farmers' marketeers, get those apps in by March 15. Be a yokel, buy local!

(See SDDA website for more info [PDF alert!]... or just call 'em: 605-626-3272.)

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