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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SD Board of Regents Promise Budget Scrutiny

The Board of Regents is trying to get out ahead of the meat cleaver, making the necessary and politic noises about budget scrutiny just before today's surely grim budget report from Governor M. Michael Rounds (live on South Dakota Public Radio at 1 p.m. Central, noon Mountain!). Regents exec R. T. Tad Perry vows his admins will take a good hard look at open positions to see if they really need to be filled. They'll also get out a more finely toothed comb on out-of-state travel requests and big capital expenditures. (Sibby will believe it when he sees it.)

Good thing we're bringing the Midwest Association for Information Systems conference to Madison next year!


  1. At DSU...we can't fill all of the open positions for professors. But WE CAN get our president into a $399,000 house!
    How’s that for a new slogan?

  2. Importance is inversely proportional to need.


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