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Monday, January 19, 2009

Anything Is Possible In America... Including Idiotic Blog Posts

"Anything is possible in America," said a man who is supporting evidence of that himself, Barack Hussein Obama, at yesterday's free concert at the Lincoln Memorial.

As further proof that the radical right has no practical or coherent ideas left, Radioactive Chief's John Walker turns this pleasant platitude into a threat to the Constitution and probably Mom and apple pie.

How did I miss the cries of Constitutional calamity when President Bush, speaking of his judicial nominee Miguel Estrada, said in 2003, "He's a role model for young people all across this nation, living proof that in America anything is possible"?

The quibble hardly merits the quill, but with embarrasing material like this, it's no wonder SD Shovel died. John, if your rhetorical bucket is that empty, maybe your time is better spent polishing up your lesson plans for science and (gulp!) U.S. history at Rutland.


  1. Politics is a waste of time.

  2. That depends. If you think politics is snarky blog posts, then yeah, it's a waste of time. But if you take the Aristotelian position that politics is the discussion of how we order our lives together, then politics is the most important discussion we can have. Unfortunately, Mr. Walker's post demonstrates a failure to grasp that latter, better definition.

  3. When government looks as if it will enforce true liberty, equality, and equal protection under the law, it becomes a threat to people like Walker. When ideology so overtakes one's ability to think and rationally process information, does it not bring into question one's fitness to teach?

  4. Cory:

    Politics is just a big pissing contest where candidates promise the world to everyone, fail to deliver and drive future generations further into debt while blaming the other guy.


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