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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guns on Campus Bill Fails; Olson Ignores Constituents

Sure enough, Rep. Thomas Brunner (R-29/Nisland) decided to waste the South Dakota Legislature's time with a retread guns-on-campus bill. Fortunately for us, the Senate State Affairs Committee voted it down yesterday. Voting to kill SB 82 were both the majority and minority leaders, Senators Knudson and Heidepriem, along with Sens. Dempster, Turbak Berry, and Gary Hanson.

Voting against the sensible advice of Vermillion police chief Art Mabry and for 18-year-old packing heat in chem lab: Senators Abdallah, Rhoden, Gray, and our own Russell Olson. Yes, once again, Olson has ignored the opinion of his constituents here in Dakota State university country, who turned out in force at a crackerbarrel last year to say guns on campus are a bad idea.

How short some memories. Perhaps Senator Olson requires a reminder of the general will (and common sense) at Saturday's crackerbarrels (Flandreau City Building, 9 a.m.; Madison City Hall, 12 p.m.).


  1. I wouldn't believe it unless I read it: An Act to provide for the right to possess a firearm on the campuses of public institutions of higher education. I'm always interested in why another person finds an opposing view reasonable. What was their logic?

  2. You can listen to the testimony offered before the committee for and against SB 82 in SDPB's audio archives (go to 11th Legislative Day, SB 82). I can't speak for everyone's reasons for supporting the bill, but last year, supporters of a similar measure wanted to use guns on campus as a first step toward eliminating all "gun-free zones, including courthouses and bars." Yikes.

  3. I believe anyone with a valid hunting license or a concealed weapons permit should be allowed it on campus. I did a poll of DSU students last year and 65.71% were in favor of it.

  4. First, this applies to more than just students. There are faculty and staff as well.
    Second, students are allowed to have cars on campus. Cars are demonstrably more dangerous than guns. Why is this different.
    Third, maybe Sen. Olson is listening to constituents.
    Fourth, only the law abiding pay any attention to prohibitions like this one. Therefore it only disarms those who follow it.

  5. At least Olson will now certainly earn a better grade from the NRA which is the ultimate badge of honor for most South Dakotans.

  6. Keep in mind that these colleges serve as a student's residence as well. It's not as much about guns in the classroom as it is about being able to have one where you live.

  7. I don't think guys and gals should be sharing dorm rooms let alone bring guns on campus. The argument for seems to be people on campus should be able to protect themselves and killers choose gun free zones. With all the drinking and still-young behavior from college students accidental deaths and spontaneous irresponsible acts would far out way this argument. I would not want to send my kid to a cramped dormitory full of drinking, drug experimentation, stress and concealed weapons. Wonder what Dr. Knowlton, DSU teachers, and our local law enforcement would say.

  8. Mr. Beck (Beckster), I would love to see the wording of your survey that had such tremendous support.

    This year, not one student government from any any of the 7 regental campuses supported the bill, so it I find it hard to believe that there was such an outpouring of support last year.


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