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Monday, January 26, 2009

Kirkeby's HB 1105: Patching Budget with Child Labor?

Keen readers of the South Dakota blogosphere will note that it was this Obama-lovin' left-wing Marxist secular humanist who first cried foul on HB 1105, while it took the Right reverend Mr. Powers all weekend to figure out that his own party was instituting the draft. (Dang—I guess it's up to President Obama and me to take the lead in defending personal responsibility and other Republican values... from Republicans.)

But reading PP's concerns about the Kirkeby draft as an unfunded mandate (it is) makes me wonder if HB 1105 might have a role in fixing our budget. After all, the bill would create a child labor force 37,000 strong. Those kids could do a lot of work for free that we have to pay good tax dollars for now. And that would fit with Governor Rounds's approach to balancing the budget on the backs of children.

Hmm... I hear the Highway 34 for the Future committee was busy last week slapping stickers on all of the "Madison Hosts the Legislature" attendees in Pierre, essentially dragooning citizens into their marketing campaign. Imagine what they could do with a few hundred high school students from Madison and Colman at their disposal. Hand 'em all shovels: "You want to graduate? Start digging." We could have four lanes to I-29 in no time!


  1. Yeah, we have no money for road repair, and we want to build new roads? Would be nice, but why not wait until O has fixed all the fiscal problems. Or maybe that could be part of his stimulus package to create new jobs! It just isn't as important as other fiscal needs in the state (children with disabilities).

  2. Sorry Cory - I was working most of the weekend. But it was worth it!

  3. I have wondered if we could again utilize the Youth Conservation Corp. In the 70s they (group of high school kids with guidance from city) improved the north portion of Memorial Creek, and in the 80s the south side. For most of us it was our first job and I hope the city got something out of our labor. It was a Federal program that is still around. How about a poor farm improvement project? "This summer employment program permits men and women to enjoy working, earning, and learning by doing projects that further the development and conservation of the nation’s natural resources" jh

  4. PP: You and me both! Let's pick up the slack! ;-)


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