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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sea Kitten Quote of the Day

Addressing PETA's letter to the Spearfish School District, requesting the school change its name to the Sea Kitten School District:

But then what are you gonna call fish sticks? The kids aren't going to like that answer.

—Matt Groce, KJAM Radio, noon newscast with Al Lunde.

All I can say to PETA is that we have bigger fish to fry....


  1. PETA:

    Isn't that short for People Eating Tasty Animals?

  2. Meat is Murder....

    I like my murder slow-roasted with lots of barbeque sauce and cajun seasoning!

  3. God gave us the animals to eat so that we may thrive and prosper. PETA in essence is going against the dictates of God Almighty when they try to keep people from eating what God has provided for us.


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