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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Senate Bill 70: Bookkeeping, not Buckaroo-ism

I should have known Senator Olson wouldn't come up with any actually interesting legislation...

A well-read commenter points us toward an explanation in that Sioux Falls paper of Senate Bill 70, the elimination of the pistol-purchase waiting period. Turns out it's just another page in Olson's passion for legislative bookkeeping: Senate Bill 70. The bill strikes our state regulation because federal legislation, the Brady Bill, already supersedes and requires a waiting period.

(Permit me one moment of raving conspiracy-theorizing: Maybe it's just a plot to quietly eliminate all the state legislation first to set the stage for the NRA to focus their lobbying on the federal government when the GOP retakes Congress... in 2028! Ha ha ha!)

Will the bill requiring crinimal background checks for Realtors® turn out to be legislative bookkeeping as well? Will Senator Olson bring any substantive new ideas to the Senate floor? We wait with bated breath.

You know, it does occur to me that if the Legisature had an interactive website where legislators and citizens could add commentary and links to the bills, we could clear up confusion like this right away... ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Um, what federal waiting period? That provision of the Brady Bill expired when the NICS system came online in 1998.


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