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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

House Bill 1094: Don't Trust Realtors?

So if I'm reading House Bill 1094 correctly, is Senator Russell Olson (R-8) saying his pal Pat Powers needs to submit to a criminal background check?

That appears to be the gist of HB 1094, legislation promoted by more than a few Republicans (Hunt, Krebs, Tom Hansen, Knudson...) to increase regulation of the real estate industry. Fingerprinting, state and federal background checks... wow, PP isn't getting much satisfaction from his Republican friends this week.

Now real estate agents and the other folks listed in HB 1094 do hold some degree of public trust, so perhaps we have an interest in investigating their backgrounds. But I wonder the sponsors of HB 1094 will also support an amendment extending criminal background checks to other important public figures, like, oh, say, state legislators?

But not to worry: even if Senator Olson wants PP to go through more red tape to carry out his chosen profession, he supports letting Pat buy a handgun without any delay.


  1. Today's Argus gives some clarification on the gun waiting period. Looks like a duplication of paperwork between the old state law and newer federal regs. Unless they're hiding something, it appears pretty harmless as I don't see the federal reg going away anytime soon.

  2. If there is some problem, lets quickly find the offender and make some precautions - regulate him! Put barriers! Harden the rules! And no matter who is the real victim and who offender...


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