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Sunday, January 11, 2009

What if Saturday Night Live Dictated Fiscal Policy?

Just trying out the Hulu.com embed:

Uh oh, you Keynesians: better hope Congress and the Obama Administration don't heed this advice!

Steve Martin, Amy Poehler, and Chris Parnell, Saturday Night Live, 2006.


  1. They sure make it seem awfully simple. But I need some stuff right now.

  2. Maybe you should send this to each state legislator.

  3. The CNN special this afternoon about our nation's debt wasn't very much fun to watch. We are driven by a screwed up have-to-have-it-now mentality.

  4. Maybe all of us need a good dose of Dave Ramsey and his philosophy of debt-free living. The concept of "Don't Buy Anything You Can't Afford" is wonderful when good times are rolling, because so few people heed the advice, but it is the wrong philosophy for right now, at this point in our economy.

    Manufacturing is becoming stagnant because we've stopped buying completely, even those who can actually afford to buy something. That complete buyer disconnect is expanding the problem, causing more layoffs and a deeper crisis than what needs to occur.

    Those who normally make regular purchases like trading vehicles, trading motorhomes, upgrading furniture, etc, who are in a position to pay for those purchases with cash or very stable job and income, should continue to do so because the economy needs it right now.

    Partial financing is not a dirty word right now providing the buyer has stable income and a high probability of continued employment such as teaching, medical and government employees.

    Buying something if you can't afford it is stupid, but if you can afford to buy something right now, you might help this country avoid economic collapse.

    We are a supply and demand economy and once demand returns, even partial demand, manufacturers will start to rehire to meet those demands.

  5. nope...taking my cash and burying in holes....i will tell you chopping through the frozen ground isn't easy...i could buy something to make it easier...but then i would have less to bury.


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