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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are You Going to Eat That Pork Chop?

Governors Jindal and Barbour have said they may reject some of the stimulus money. That does take some serious brass. Let's watch closely to see whether this political grandstanding turns into actual policy.

In the meantime, Governor Rounds, the next words out of your mouth should be, "We'll take it. We'll take your money." That's what Governor Granholm of Michigan is saying. If Louisiana and Mississippi don't want more money to help the unemployed, I'm sure the folks here who've been laid off from Gehl, Falcon, Terex, etc. can put those states' shares to good use in the South Dakota economy.

Keep that in mind, Governor Rounds, when you have dinner with President Obama tonight. The table's set, and Washington's cooking, so if your pals at the table aren't eating, feel free to take seconds.

Update 10:13 CST: Arnold's on the ball: Gov. Schwarzenegger's saying he'll take any leftovers, too. Food fight!


  1. Some South Dakota Legislators said to a group on Wednesday that South Dakota may not accept some money because of "strings attached."

  2. It is smart to investigate the strings involved before just taking, you know the saying that you should always look a gift horse in the mouth. What good would it do for SD or any other state to take this "handout" and then find out they are committed to spending more state money in a year or two, or they have to only hire union workers to spend the money, or...

    And based on the haste that O and Pelosi and Reid wanted this boondoggle passed, it would behoove all governors to look really good at this gift horse, check under the tongue, between the teeth, down the throat, etc.

  3. gift horse... behoove... ha!


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