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Thursday, February 26, 2009

City Commission Race Go; School Board, Anyone? Anyone?

We have a race! The Madison City Commission has three applicants for two seats. Incumbent Karen Lembcke wants to keep doing the job. Mike McGowan's experience with the City Commission and his big garage last year seems to have inspired him to public service as well.

And now last night's print MDL reports that McGowan's southeast Madison neighbor Nick Abraham has gotten his petition-poop in a group and filed to run for real this year. Let's hope Nick brings to the public forum some of the working-class concerns he expressed last year when he considered running.

Of course, Abraham might want to clean up his MySpace page before the campaign. The beer can in his profile photo might actually increase his political capital around Madison (but Lite?!?), but writing with a smile to an unnamed persecutor his wish that "the penicillin doesn't fix that nasty crap that you contract and you fricking die" could be a little awkward in the public arena.

Then again, maybe a little unvarnished Web 2.0 chatter is just what Madison politics could use...

But hey, what about that other race? The school board has three seats available again—Craig Walker's and Michelle Tucek's three-year seats and Steve Nelson's one-year seat. With petitions due at 5 p.m. tomorrow, neither incumbents nor challengers have thrown down the gauntlet. I'm sitting out this one, but how about the rest of you? Any takers?

I check KJAM and find Steve Nelson has indeed filed for one of the three-year seats on the board, leaving his one-year seat open.

And candidates, don't forget: you can reach the keenest political minds of Madison and show you're hep to the Web-cats by advertising on the Madville Times!

Update 2009.02.27 11:17 CST: Within 12 hours of my posting, Nick Abraham's MySpace account had disappeared. Good to know the Abraham campaign staff are paying attention. Now they might want to check the Google cache. Just so no one thinks I was making stuff up, here's a screen shot (click to enlarge) of the cached blog page to which I referred. Like most MySpace pages, it's darn near unreadable, so I've highlighted the text in question. (I'll leave it to you to hunt through the Google cache for the beer and bikini biker babe photos.)


  1. Where is Monica Campbell? She was the original winner of the last race by one vote in City Commission, but had to draw cards for a seat after a recount caused a tie.

    With her popularity in the voting, she should step in to run for one of the two seats. Two smart women on our City Commission would bring back good balance.

  2. Oh Please!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I see Nick’s page is no longer active. :-) Time to get rid of the incriminating pictures.

  4. Cory keeps people on their toes.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......I am McGownen's neightbor I could tell you stories that would curl your toe and cross your eyes.

  6. Ha ha h—oh, wait: baseless accusation from unverifiable source. You can't even spell his name; how can you be his neighbor?

    Put up or shut up, Anon. And sign your name, or it doesn't count. McGowan has the guts to put his name in the race; you can't even sign a blog post.


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