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Monday, February 9, 2009

Free Speech in Iran: Bloggin' for a Floggin'

An Iranian court has dished out eight and a half years of prison time and 124 lashes to four bloggers charged with, among other things, "spreading lies" and "propaganda against the regime."

Boy, and I thought getting chewed out by the high school principal was rough!

No fear of free speech in Madison: the Mundt Debate Tournament is coming up Friday and Saturday at MHS! Kids will be making all sorts of speeches analyzing, advocating, and eviscerating alternative energy plans, the stimulus package, the International Criminal Court, and other hardcore policy matters. Come watch! If you'd like to help (judge rounds, bring chow for the hospitality room, straighten desks, you name it!), contact coach Renee Nills or principal Sharon Knowlton at MHS.


  1. I thought the Mundt tournament had been canceled.

  2. Canceled? Heck no! The high school is still wimping out of hosting it next year, but this year's Mundt is on! I'll be there judging and even sponsoring a brand new award—stay tuned!


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