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Saturday, February 21, 2009

House Taxation Keeps Ag Income Tax

Representative David Lust (R-34/Rapid City) and Senator Al Novstrup (R-3/Aberdeen) were mad enough about the ag income tax (see SDCL 10-6-33.28 through 10-6-33.31) passed by last year's legislature that they tried to get it repealed. That repeal, HB 1294, died in the House Taxation committee yesterday. An 11-4 vote deferred the bill to the purgatorial 41st day of the session, leaving South Dakota on track to start assessing taxes on farmers and ranchers based on their potential productivity rather than the market value of their land.

This isn't quite an income tax (and why the Republican legislators who passed it last year couldn't just make a simple income tax instead of this convoluted egghead-heavy rigamarole continues to defy my logic). But it's close enough I remain surprised at the folks who've supported it. Those who think an income tax is the creeping zombie virus those vile Dems would unleash on the good people of South Dakota can try blaming my fellow Lake Herman socialist Rep. Gerry Lange (D-8/Madison) and Dem leader Bernie Hunhoff (18/Yankton) for their votes yesterday against the repeal. But just as responsible for keeping the ag income tax alive are good Republicans like Dan Lederman (16/Dakota Dunes), Brock Greenfield (6/Clark), and Kristi Noem (6/Castlewood).

One local legislator has staked his claim as an opponent of the ag income tax. One of PP's favorite politicians, Senator Russell Olson (R-8/Madison), dissented when Senate State Affairs killed SB 182, the Senate's version of the ag income tax repeal. The only other dissenting vote: another PP favorite, Democratic Senator Nancy Turbak Berry (5/Watertown).

The ag income tax does still face some legislative action. SB 3, which passed the Senate and awaits House action, would jigger some of the numbers but leave the basic assessment methodology intact. But come July 1, 2009, South Dakota will take a step toward slightly more rational and progressive taxation.

Now, when do the rest of us get to replace our property tax with income tax?


  1. So again Cory, only your rational and logic make sense. I don't know why we just don't turn Pierre and Washington over to you. You seem to be the expert on taxation, guns, abortion, religion, pipelines, farming, gay rights, the ACLU, the NAACP, oh and funding for school. Same old socialist song and dance presented with your thoughtful so called homework and your self proclaimed expert ability to debate.

  2. Anonymous, you're just jealous. (I don't blame you, but i do wish you'd either identify yourself or go away.)

    Cory, keep up the good work.

  3. Income tax is evil. It will only increase the taxing power of the state. It will only reduce the size of our wallets.

    Our current state sales tax funds our state very well. We do not need to create another tax system so the state can spend money foolishly.

  4. And who are you CP? I'll go away when the Crapville Times does.

  5. "...comments always assessed for productive value at the Madville Times."

    Drat, I won't be able to afford to post here anymore.

    As for obnoxious anonymous, start your own blog and let us know what your wonderful ideas are, or are you completely satisfied with all the boneheaded legislation and blather that floods out of Pierre?

    Like most anonymous posters, you appear to not have the foggiest idea of what "socialism" actually is even if you are full of song and dance. Do some research.

  6. Glad to see that in the end, it's all about me.


  7. So Douglas, cp, and PP, are not anonymous? Okay, I'm Frank. I don't need my own blog, I'm taking this one over. It looks like I'm getting more attention then Cory, Thanks. When Cory can simply present his information without calling someone or party a name, I'll go away. In the meantime this is a hoot. In the meanwhile, thanks for all the constructive thoughts. Later, Frank

  8. Frank I look forward to reading your comments more and more.

  9. A state income tax would be okay with me, if and only if the sales tax and the property tax were completely eliminated, both at the state level and at the local level.

    Because the latter event is impossible in the real world, the former event never enters my mind as a possibility.

    That said, I think the Republicans are getting a little crazy in their attempts to raise taxes without instituting a state income tax.

    Read my lips: No new taxes. Read my mind: No convoluted attempts to raise taxes, either.

    Long live the Libertarian Party! Long live the Libertarian Party, dad-burn it!

  10. I'm with Stan. NO NEW TAXES. If we don't have the money, we don't spend it, mandates or no mandates. There is only so much money, these guys in Pierre and DC have to get that some time, but I'm beginning to seriously doubt that either party understands this anymore. I think once elected all politicians consider our money their money and that there is this never-ending, bottomless, well of cash from which to draw for never-ending, newly dreamed up gov't programs to spend OUR money.

    Reps lost big time nationally when they left the concepts of small gov't and lower taxes, and WAKE UP REPS IN THE STATE, the same thing is going to happen to you here if you keep making the Dems in the state the party of no new taxes.

    Of course, O this time around has probably saved the collective butts of both parties this time around with his "stimulus" package spending my kids and grandkids money. Shame on all of us for ever accepting it.

  11. Stan, I think firing up the Libertarians is like herding cats, or trying to organize an Anarchists' party. But a coupe of the above sentiments are correct: it's been really hard to tell the difference between South Dakota Republicans and Democrats on taxes lately. Both parties agree that we need things like schools, roads, and cops; if there's a difference, it seems to be that SD Republicans have a little harder time admitting that we have to pay for them.

  12. [Hey, uh, "Frank" -- see how Douglas, cp, and PP have that blue underlining? That's called hyperlinks. If you click on them with your mouse (that's that round thing that fits in the palm of your hand beside your desktop computer, or the funny blank rectangle and buttons on your laptop), you'll be taken to profiles that offer clearly identifying information and further hyperlinks that will introduce you to your neighbors. Looks like we'll all be here for a while, so welcome to the show.]


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