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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mich. Gov. Granholm Schools Rounds on Budget Cuts

Some of us think the cuts proposed by Governor Rounds to the South Dakota state budget go too far. Other commenters have grumbled they don't go far enough to slash the growth in state government that has taken place under Rounds's watch.

I would suggest that Governor Rounds could take a lesson in real Republican budget-cutting from Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm... except she's a Democrat. She's proposing to cut funding for the State Fair, just like Rounds. But there's more... much more. For those of you determined to portray every last Democrat as a big-government Kool-Aid drinker, consider Governor Granholm's list of proposed cuts:
  • Cut all elected state officials pay by 10%
    • Granholm's salary would drop from $177K to $159.3K.
    • Michigan legislators' salaries would drop from $79,650 to $71,685.
  • Collapse sixteen state departments into six.
At the same time, Granholm is watching out for those who are ill-equipped to bear cuts: she is also proposing a tuition freeze at state universities and community colleges and a moratorium on utility shutoffs on folks who can't pay the heat bill [see Mark Hornbeck and Charlie Cain, "State Fair in Jeopardy," Detroit News, 2009.02.02].

More and more it seems if you want Republican values, you've got to send a Democrat to do the job.


  1. Unless you're a Democrat up for a Cabinet post and "forget" to pay your taxes!

  2. Putting party aside, the key difference in Michigan vs. South Dakota is that Michigan has a "leader" with vision and direction. We have...Oh, let me see...Ah, Mike is in the house.


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