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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rounds on Fargen: A Study in Executive Snark

It's Snarky Thursday here on the Madville Times!

I mentioned Governor M. Michael Rounds's neener-neener to State Representative Mitch Fargen (D-8/Flandreau). For your enjoyment, here's an excerpt from the governor's letter to the editor:

I understand the legislative process is sometimes complicated and freshmen [sic] legislators have a steep learning curve. Let's just chalk these misstatements and opinions by Rep. Fargen to inexperience and a healthy dose of political rhetoric that will, hopefully, change as your representative becomes more familiar with the process. [Gov. M. Michael Rounds, letter to the editor, Madison Daily Leader, 2009.02.16, p. 3].

Oh, I think Mitch will get plenty familiar with the process: if he keeps talking straight and fighting for what's right, the voters of District 8 will keep sending him back to Pierre for many years to come.

(And note that, in Governor Rounds's world, "opinions" are a product of inexperience. Of course.)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Governor Marion's arrogance seems to be growing faster than the state's unemployment rate and his buddies' no-bid contract profits.


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