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Friday, February 27, 2009

Stimulus Already Putting Hardhats to Work

They call Missouri the "Show Me" State. Let's make that the "Show me how to put the stimulus money to work" State. On yesterday's All Things Considered, Missy Shelton reported* that Missouri state government put a list of stimulus projects together in December. The Missouri Department of Transportation didn't see any reason they couldn't be the first to put that federal money to work. The day President Obama signed the stimulus into law, one road construction firm rehired 40 laid-off workers. Missy Shelton's colleague at Missouri Public Radio, Jennifer Moore, reports that Journegan Quarries in Ozark, Missouri, is also calling back workers to meet the demand they'll get from a project to add passing lanes to Route 60. Ultimately that road project will create 200 jobs. MODoT has three other big job-creating road and bridge projects ready to go now.

South Dakota has posted its first list of road projects, but I don't hear any shovels yet. Missouri's already getting to work—let's get moving!

*My apologies: As of 08:45 CST, NPR appears not to have posted the audio of Missy Shelton's Missouri portion of the report.


  1. Road construction in SD generally doesn't begin until summer. As you may (or may not) realize Cory, we just got another blast of winter, with 4-8 inches of snow blanketing much of the state. There's even more snow coming today and tonight. This is why you "haven't heard any shovels yet." If you want to go stand outside for an entire day in negative windchills, more power to you.

  2. Doh! Good point, Anon. But I've stood outside all day doing construction in negative windchill. It ain't fun, but if I didn't have better work, I'd do it. If there's any stimulus-related work that can be done on this chilly February day, I'll bet we could find folks around here who'd line up to do it.

  3. They've been building a pool in Madison all winter.

  4. That pool will have inferior concrete because it was built over the winter. Freeze-Thaw plus concrete doesn't set up properly under a certain temperature. We won't notice it for a year or two, but then it will start flaking and cracking. That's why you don't see basements poured over the winter either.

  5. They heated the concrete while it was setting up Anon 9:24.

  6. Anon 9:24: Would you say the same of the foundations poured this winter for the LAIC housing in the Schaefer TIF district? (They did pour in December, didn't they?)


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