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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arlington Gets 75 New Call Center Jobs

California-based software company Link It is expanding to its third South Dakota location, bringing our neighbors in Arlington 75 jobs. They're crappy call center jobs—so close to DSU, it would be nice to see some programming jobs to entice our young people to pump their skills and wages into the local economy—but in the middle of a recession, we'll take what we can get.

Hmm... maybe some of those call center workers would like to buy an "affordable" $115K house from the LAIC and commute from Madison?

By the way, here's another dent in the armor for those of you who hate government spending: Link It's success is built in part on free money from the State of South Dakota. Socialism? Corporate welfare? Discuss amongst yourselves....


  1. What's the starting wage?

    I'd bet not enough to buy the cheap$115,000 house.

  2. Did LAIC even know this firm was looking for its third South Dakota location to provide 75 new jobs? Many of these jobs are not crappy, by the way. I know several people who work 40 hour weeks at call centers and earn between $35,000 and $48,000 a year. They get 20 days a year as personal days plus holidays. I think Madison would take 50 or 100 of those jobs and fill them with quality individuals. We could use it right now.

  3. Our county has a 7.2% unemployment rate and Brookings has 3%: Doesn't that say something? Looking at the state by county and city, we have the 14th highest rate out of 94. A call center would provide a step up for many people in our community. Arlington can reel in a new employer and Madison can't? It's our own fault because we accept it.

  4. You hit then nail on the head, we accept it! I truly believe that things were better before we hired a director. He should be made accountable. Use his salary for something productive. We need another DeWayne Mork who was so community minded and worked hard for this town. What a boost that call center could have had in our town! Sad!

  5. I for one would like to see get more into the call center, banking, and programming environments. It would lead to economic growth and would keep our younger people in the area longer.

    From what I have seen, people move away from Madison for the lack of opportunities. The type of opportunity that Arlington is gettinger would be huge in Madison.

    Come on LAIC.. if you want Madison to grow, this is the way to go!


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