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Monday, March 23, 2009

DSU Takes Over Mundt Debate Tournament

It's official: MHS wimps out, DSU picks up slack. Hot off the press, straight from DSU's Media Relations office:

For immediate release:
March 23, 2009

Mundt Debate Tourney to Continue

The annual Mundt Debate tournament held in Madison during February each year will continue. Dakota State University, Madison Public Schools, and the Mundt Foundation will work together to continue the tournament. Dakota State and the Mundt Foundation with provide the organizational and financial arrangements for the tournament as well as space on the campus. The Madison Public Schools will also provide space.

The annual debate tournament, named after former DSU professor and United States Senator Karl Mundt, brings over 400 high school students to Madison each year for the competition. The organizational structure for both the Mundt Oral Interp Tournament and the Mundt Debate Tournament will now be managed by DSU and the Mundt Foundation.

Hmm... funny that DSU, which doesn't even have a debate team, doesn't find running two speech tournaments overwhelming.


  1. Cory:

    You had to get in your little jab. Does that make you feel better?

    There is more to life than being negative and holding a grudge.

  2. [Anon: you just had to get in your little jab... and wouldn't even leave your name to do it. Does that make you feel better?]

    No grudge, just an embarrasing truth: MHS wimped out of doing something that other high schools in this state can handle on a regular basis. As a Bulldog, I'm embarrassed.

  3. If Renee Nills is still getting paid for any additional handling of the Mundt Tourney, that salary should change.

  4. Thank you DSU for supporting the Mundt Debate Tournament. I'm sure the DSU people will have a successful tournament with he support of other schools that participate. I'm very glad that the university here has taken this for the wonderful and exciting tournament it is.

    I don't think this is a "little jab" by Cory - just the feelings of several people that have supported this tournament. If it doesn't have the support of the Madison School District - then it will be handled by people who do care about the students and this part of education.

    To Anon:3/23/3:00 - It sounds like you have your personal negative jabs and no problem being negative yourself. Does that make you (anon) feel better.
    --Lake Resident

  5. I'm with you Cory, it is embarrassing, but thankfully DSU has picked it up.


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