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Friday, March 13, 2009

Highest Unemployment in Southeast South Dakota: Lake County, 7.2%

KELO reports that among South Dakota's largest cities, Yankton has the highest unemployment rate, at 6.7% (according to January data).

A quick review of the state's unemployment stats reveals Lake County isn't in too good a shape, either: our January unemployment rate was 7.2%. There are still 12 counties worse off than we are, but our rate is the highest rate in southeast South Dakota.

Compare those numbers to the statewide average of 5.1%. Even Huron, which I don't think of as a vibrant job market, has kept its unemployment down to 3.8%. Our friends up the road in Brookings are storming along at 3.0% jobless (add that to the campaign file, Mayor Munsterman).


  1. Maybe Madison should start a Development group to bring in new jobs? Will could call it the Lake Area Improvement Corporation (LAIC) and the can help bring in new jobs and business. How does that Idea sound?

  2. Don't you know that the new stimulus funded gutter and curb program in the new industrial park is supposed to fix this?!

  3. We already have a group like that, but they changed the name to the "Good Old Boy's Club" and it is very active in Madison. New jobs are not a priority.

  4. But Madison has a couple new houses coming up in the TIF district. You know, to attract people. But where are they gonna work?

  5. Years ago I attended a seminar with a salesman who claimed he could sell anything. He turned to one man and said, "I can sell you this two carat diamond ring with only two words." The man said, "No way would I buy that diamond ring."

    So the salesman took off his huge ring, laid it down in front of the man and said, "Ten bucks." The man said, "SOLD!"

    Obviously the salesman was making a point. Anyone can sell anything if you give it away. The same is true of industrial park land and abandoned downtown buildings.

    If LAIC wants the industrial park filled quickly they need to let our community know the price of these lots, allowed uses and make it fair access to everyone, not just insiders.


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