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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

KGB Scholar: U.S. to Collapse in 2010

The most popular story on Yahoo News at the moment: Russian KGB-eshnik professor Igor Panarin predicts the collapse of the United States in 2010 into six rump states (not quite as tasty as rump roast).

[image source: Andrew Osborn, "As If Things Weren't Bad Enough,
Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.
," Wall Street Journal, 2008.12.29]

Panarin has making this noise for months, mostly as part of a conecrted propaganda effort on the part of a Russian government co-opted by the KGB that would not die. Some scholars argue that Russia is more likely to collapse (again!) than any other major power.

But on the off chance Comrade Panarin is right, let's look at the bright side:
  1. South Dakota will finally get Canadian-style universal health care. (We'll also get better radio and permission to vacation in Cuba!)
  2. Sarah Palin will finally be able to see Russia from her doorstep.


  1. This is so typical and familiar. Just another Professor flinging their propaganda based on homework that is hand picked to fit their agenda.

  2. The Soviet Union collapsed two decades ago. I'm not inclined to put much stock in anything one of their old holdouts imagines.

  3. You really love this Canadian health care thing, don't you. Funny, thats what the Mexicans say about our healthcare. They just laugh, talk about how great it is and how they don't have to pay anything.

  4. Anon, you just aren't listening. Not once have I said I want free health care. I have noted numerous times that the public health care system I envision would require me to pay more taxes, just like I did when i was in Canada. But the taxes would replace the high and inefficient private insurance premiums I pay. I'm paying for my health care, and I want to get my money's worth. Single-payer not-for-profit health care does exactly that.

    Now get over your ignorance (and your racism) and help this country save money and save lives!

  5. Before mocking Panarin, mostly because of his job title, instead of confronting his analysis - read and listen what American Orlov thinks about the coming US collapse.



    In four parts, after a 2:23 intro: http://fora.tv/2009/02/13/Dmitry_Orlov_Social_Collapse_Best_Practices#chapter_01

    Key points: Russians survived their economic collapse because: no one had mortgages; they had gardens; extended families lived together and mutually supported each other; they lived close to and used public transport-not relying on imported oil; etc.


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